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Muse Fully Signed 2010 Glastonbury Ticket and Poster on Ebay


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Wouldn't you love to own a Muse Fully Signed Ticket and Poster from Glastonbury 2010? Check it out on E bay now:


The proceeds will be 100% in aid of The Helen Foundation. Free Courier in the UK and very little to Europe.

Come on all you Musers, get bidding!!


(not sure I've put the thread in the right place, hope so!)

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Needs more bids.


Anyone "tweet"? If so, spread the word :)


From THF... "The Helen Foundation CONFESSES TO BEING TWEETOPHOBES...or at least, useless at being able to tweet, twit, or twitter...so please (pretty please) could all you European twitterbugs send on the Ebay link and a brief explanation of how we raise funds for Teignbridge youngsters to pursue their dreams/ talents in the arts, of that lovely signed Muse Glasto ticket with the Covers poster and TK's setlist...get it out there for us, please!".

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