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First electric guitar!


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I've been playing spanish guitar for around 2 years now (and I enjoy it a lot), but I'm into a lot of genres and not just classical music so I'm getting an electric guitar.

So first of all, sorry for making another topic about this (I'm sure you guys get TONS) but my case is a bit more specific, as it is my first electric guitar but I've been playing for some time now (I also had classes for the past 2 years).


I don't need an amp, a friend of mine is going to lend me a very decent one because he doesn't need it any more (got a better one for gigging). My budget for the guitar is something like 700/750€, I know I can't buy anything exceptional with it but I was hoping I could get something decent!

I'm into a lot of styles, from blues to rock and from jazz to more hardcore stuff. So as you might have guessed by now I need a versatile guitar.


I'm a bit lost since if I just look around at shops and on websites there are endless guitar models and how am I supposed to know what's the one I should get? :LOL:


So from some of my research, I found the Fender 72 Telecaster Deluxe and it seems to have pretty decent reviews. However, it seems every guitar on the internet gets 10/10 reviews, what's up with that?

I've also found this weird Yamaha guitar, the Yamaha RGX A2. It seems a bit different from the usual guitar but there are some reviews out there that it is an excellent guitar for it's price. But it does not have a tone control knob, which is quite retarded actually.


So, any help? I'm really receptive to a bunch of ideas since I'm very lost. I also must warn you that I'm very picky in terms of design, I don't like anything too simple or anything too extravagant.


I decided to ask for help here because I usually lurk this section and there seem to be people with way more experience here so surely someone can help me out!

Thank you very much! And please don't mind my dodgy English!


p.s I also just realised now that I've made a really big post, sorry! :$

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