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Muse Musical - TSOMovie - first promo clip (trailer)


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Check out our webpage: www.tsomovie.mu  !!


"The Global Assault" - a promo clip of the script of the action musical "The Symmetry Origins", based on the Muse songs. #tsomovie is an electrifying and dynamic story, kept in a fantasy genre. The screenplay includes Muse songs from each album up to the Drones. If you like it, You can help us by sharing it, tagging @Muse, @mattbellamy, @domhoward77, @ctwolstenholme78 and @nowherethomas.





Best Regards from Poland!

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1 hour ago, Claudia O said:

Uh I expected something else as I read musical ... u know, like Cats, Les Miserable , .... ok 😳


That's why in desription we call it action musical. In full script, where we use about 20 songs there are more traditional musical scenes, but in this trailer, with very small budget (it is basicly fan made, amateur video), we had to choose something and we choose action :) Thank You for comment!

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