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  1. Check out our new webpage for the project: tsomovie.mu !!
  2. And here is not great quality photo but great moment photo with Tom Kirk after Muse show in Cracow. Moments later, we give him our script!
  3. Salut! Voici le clip de promotion (Bande annonce) du projet "The Symmetry Origins", scenario pour un musical inspiré de l'œuvre de Muse. N'hésitez pas à le regarder. Le clip est sous-titré en anglais. Si ça vous plaît, vous pouvez nous aider à diffuser le clip plus largement en marquant @muse, @mattbellamy, @domhoward77, @ctwolstenholme78 et @nowherethomas. Bonjour de Pologne! Plus d'informations (anglais): www.facebook.com/tsomovie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_vhX2Q_EZk
  4. Привет! Перед вами проморолик проекта „The Symmetry Origins”, сценария к экшн-мюзиклу по мотивам Muse. Приглашаю к просмотру. В видео есть английские субтитры. Если вам понравилась эта работа, помогите нам распространить ее, не забыв упомянуть #Muse в своих постах. Привет из Польши! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_vhX2Q_EZk www.facebook.com/tsomovie
  5. Hola! Ese es el trailer de proyecto "the symmetry origins", el escenario del musical está basado en las canciones de Muse. Os animo a verlo. La película está subtitulada en inglés. Si os gusta, nos podéis ayudar compartiéndolo y etiquetando a Muse, miembros de la banda y Tom Kirk. Saludos desde Polonia! www.facebook.com/tsomovie
  6. That's why in desription we call it action musical. In full script, where we use about 20 songs there are more traditional musical scenes, but in this trailer, with very small budget (it is basicly fan made, amateur video), we had to choose something and we choose action Thank You for comment!
  7. -SaH-

    Muse projects

    Hey! I think it's a great idea, but as on my example, there are too small reaction to topics on this forum unfortunately I for example try to intrest Muse and fans with the idea of action-musical, based on Muse songs - more here: www.facebook.com/tsomovie But if You will be able to start some project, You can count me in. I'm from Poland Best Regards.
  8. Check out our webpage: www.tsomovie.mu !! "The Global Assault" - a promo clip of the script of the action musical "The Symmetry Origins", based on the Muse songs. #tsomovie is an electrifying and dynamic story, kept in a fantasy genre. The screenplay includes Muse songs from each album up to the Drones. If you like it, You can help us by sharing it, tagging @Muse, @mattbellamy, @domhoward77, @ctwolstenholme78 and @nowherethomas. https://www.facebook.com/tsomovie https://www.instagram.com/j.m.gopek/ https://twitter.com/jmgopek Best Regards from Poland!
  9. Dear Musers! My name is Jarosław Marek GOPEK and I’ve written a screenplay for the Muse action-musical “The Symmetry Origins”. Due the licensing obstacels, we need someone to record about 2m30s cover of one of the Muse B-Side (only music, no vocals). As the project is still non-profit, we prefer such cooperation. If you can help, write! More info about the project: Muse Forum Topic FB Page #muse #cover #needhelp #cooperation #musical #museical #tsomovie #script
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