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Muse - Uprising (Unofficial Video Remix)


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I recently created a remix of the Music Video of Uprising by Muse, using videos I found on YouTube and videoed myself.


Total creation time was about 5 hours, and I've finally managed to get it onto YouTube!


I had to change the key, so it's out by half a semitone, and there is one mistake at about 2:24 where I got the lyrics wrong! It says 'bad times coming to an end' instead of 'their times coming to an end' but since I made the video I lost all the data on my computer and can't edit the video!


See what you think, hope you like it!




Please comment or give thumbs up if you like it!

I've never done anything like this before (and when I was making it I was supposed to be revising for A-Levels) so be nice!


Thanks for reading :)

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