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Found 12 results

  1. I've been working on a video for the past few months and i released it a day after Thought Contagion video was released (February 16th). It's crazy how some shots are similar and the theme is the same: the addiction to an arcade machine that makes you go insane. Even the casting is similar for the main character. If you guys liked the retro arcade vibe go check it out !
  2. Hi guys, I want to share the latest product from my production studio that is muse-related. Please kindly watch it and give your comments about the video on youtube, we'd really appreciate it. Thanks! ^^
  3. Hi all I've just realised that I'm missing a few of the Bank of Muse video downloads from a few years back. Does anyone have the original mp4 files they could share with me? Animals (Shepherd's Bush 2013-02-18) Dead Star (Shepherd's Bush 2013-02-18) Undisclosed Desires (Saitama 2013-01-23) I can hook you up with any other mp4s, Christmas gifts, etc. you might be missing in return Cheers!
  4. okay I am very proud of this and the song just works so perfectly with it and you cannot tell me otherwise:
  5. It was shot from the public perspective, hope you'll like it! http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/15/The_Mayan_Los_Angeles,_CA/Muse
  6. http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/29/Olympiapark_M%C3%BCnchen_Munich/Muse
  7. Hello forum! I want to share with you a music video I made for Exogenesis Symphony, which is a compilation of great sci-fi movies! Here is the video: It took me about 2 months to complete it and I think you'll like it!
  8. hey guys, I recently bumped into this group that I really like and now got to see their video. I think this song was heavily inspired by MUSE, what do you think? cheers!
  9. Hello everyone ! I don't know if it is the good place to ask this, or if it is good to just ask this at all, but I did som researches and I didn't found what I was looking for, so i'm asking you, fellow Muse fans ! Does anyone know where I can see/download the video being displayed in the background at this gig during Micro Cuts : It seems to be a very interesting video and I really want to ad to my collection Again sorry if it is the wrong place, I didn't mean to bother anyone, and I know such big online forums are very ruled ^^ (And btw sorry for my broken English)
  10. I love Muse and Batman, so I made a music video to Batman Begins using "Butterflies & Hurricanes": Thanks for watching!
  11. 2012 video release for "Insects" - from the 2007 LP "Welcome to the Corporation." And like us on Facebook, won't you?
  12. Watch the new lyric video here on muse.mu... Source: http://muse.mu/news,follow-me-lyric-video-online-now_1456.htm
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