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silk road amplifier effects?


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ive had a silk road amplifier for about 2 years and when i started playing muse songs i really wanted to know how to use effects. i dont know much about the amps effects as i havent had to use them much. the best effect so far i can get is something similair to the new born distortion but still a bit off.

how do i get my amp to sound muse-y? any silk roaders?


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What do you define as "Musey"?


For what it's worth, I define it as MattB playing a Manson guitar with specific wood and pickups, with load of different effects processors and stuff, into various different amps (Diezel VH4, VOX AC30, Marshall Super Lead, etc). These amps go into different types of cabinets with specific speakers, which are mic'd up with a variety of different mics which go into a bunch of other stuff I don't have a clue about. Rich Costey then 'enhances' the sound on various studio equipment. The final product, is what I call, the Musey guitar tone.


Sorry, I've not even heard of your amp before, but some of those sounds come from specific effects pedals. The uprising sound (assuming you're referring to the intro) isn't actually a guitar.

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