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2019.02.26 - Phoenix, AZ - Talking Stick Resort Arena

halo eighteen

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Are tickets normally this expensive at Talking Stick? I saw Muse in Phoenix last 2 tours and tickets were not nearly as expensive as they are for this show. 100$ just for 1 seat ticket? Seems really absurd.


unfortunatley yes. All the fees and taxes and whatever sneaky charges they throw into the price is crazy. You can buy a ticket that say's $90, then after alllllll the fees it comes out to $130 a pop.

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The Ticketmaster fees are always ridiculous, but prices have definitely gone up, and not just for Muse. I still have the email receipt from the 2013 gigs at Staples, and a GA ticket then only cost me $87.50 with fees, as opposed to $120 yesterday.


On the other hand, the one time we *didn't* have to buy presale tix from Ticketmaster (for the 2015 show in Glendale):


Item Total: $65.00

Service Fees: $6.35

Total Optional Fee $1.00

Delivery $0.00

Total Charge $72.35

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Finally, TaB live!!! 🙌

So, how did it go for you all? I got there too late to queue for barrier (thanks, work!) but ended up by the tip of the B-stage, third row. Not a bad spot at all. I was surrounded by first-timers that had their minds blown the whole time, especially when Murph came out. 

A handful of pics. I need to go through my photos and edit the best. :classic_biggrin:

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