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Standing Floor Rack


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Hello strangers...


I want to purchase a single rack what stands on the floor that faces up which can be placed behind my pedal board. I'm looking everywhere but I can't seem to find one anywhere. I don't know if this exists or making it up but I swear Matt had one to put his Korg Rack Tuner so he could tune up during the gig (Was it from the Hullabaloo DVD?)?!


Does anyone understand what I mean? I bloody hope so! Please don't make me crack out a shit Paint drawing!


Thanks in advance guys. :)

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This is Matt's Board from 2007, it was a custom made board, with a rack space for the Kong Tuner built in




I'm sure you can buy the rack gear you need from here





Cheers mate! :) That's the one! I thought I wasn't making it up... !

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