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Danish Musers Thread

Nina Feriancek

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my mother is dutch and my father is dutch. so, in conclusion, you could say i am dutch too :p


your language is easy to read btw :D


I hate to break the news to you :( - but we are actually speaking Danish and I was currious to find out if there are any Danish Muse-fans besides me. Well, I was born in Denmark anyways.

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we are actually speaking Danish


NO! :eek: Really??


(explanation always takes the fun off of a joke but i'll try nonetheless) i was merely stating the nationality of my parents and thus my own nationality (as a reaction to your quote:

Min mor er fra Finland og min far er halvt dansk og halvt slovakisk


i guess this means J should add a 'this is a dull joke, do not take it seriously' -smiley.

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Hvor gemmer i jer!? der er godt nok en anden tråd for danskere, men den sux, så fuck den! den hader vi...


Hey, er i lisså vilde med muse som mig!? nogen som så dem sidste år på roskilde?! jeg gjorde desværre ikke, men regner stærkt med at de kommer til danmark næste år!

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