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Camera Policy Limits


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(I did search, so apologies if this needs to be locked/closed/deleted)


Seems difficult to find any CLEAR set of rules or restrictions other than "No SLRs or Professional or Video equipment." So if anyone here works in security or knows someone in security or has the same problems or JUST KNOWS EVERYTHING, I'd greatly appreciate it.


I'd like a digital camera upgrade, but concerned that my current one may be the limits.


Current one is a Fujifilm Finepix s1000fd, with 12x zoom. So far, at arenas and smaller venues it has been let in fine. It was double checked once, but another member of secuity said it was fine. (I've been to quite a few with this camera, btw).


With 3 upcoming stadium shows... including 2 at Wembley Stadium (who I can't seem to find an e-mail address for), I'm looking for an upgrade to a digital compact with more zoom. On one particular camera site, listed under "digital compacts" are a range of cameras that LOOK similar to mine, but with 20-30x zoom, which is what I'm after.


I have links if anyone needs to see them to know, but would this end of the range be acceptable? Even if only for Wembley Stadium (then I could revert back for future shows) Or alternatively, the 15-18x zoom range?


It would be great to know what security go by, because I don't want to sneak one in, I want to be able to peacefully take one in that is allowed, but I want the BEST that IS ALLOWED.


Can anyone help? Cheers either way.


(EDIT: Noticed on some sites they mention security being extra tight in stadiums, but there seem to be a lot of pictures from HAARP... would a x12 zoom be restricted at Wembley? :(.....)

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Camera Policies are not that difficult to understand, although specific to every venue.

The general rule of thumb is that a professional camera is something with either a removable lens or 35mm and above.


The nice thing about modern compacts is you can get a lot out of them, its just down to your budget. I own a TZ10 myself. The zoom and wide angle lens is ludicrous. 12x Zoom should be more than adequate. Search TZ7 U2 Wembley in YouTube and you will see some zooming examples of such compact cameras right from the top tier.


There is a halfway point between Compact's and Professional SLR which are superzooms with fixed lens. IE this.




Although this would meet the rules, it looks like an SLR and you would have to prove it meets the rules.


If you want more specific information on cameras I would start or move the thread to the IT Section

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