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    2001: A Space Odyssey, Oldboy, After Life, Geminis, Magnolia, Crash, Funny Games (the ORIGINAL), Amelie, Three Colours, 13 Tsameti, Moon Child, Kagen no Tsuki, Lost in Translation, Midnight Cowboy, Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, LOTR, POTC, Terminator... lots. I did a film course!
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    Authors - Chuck Palahniuk, Virginia Andrews, Debborah Moggach, Haruki Murakami. Books - Piercing by Ryu Murakami, Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara, and anything by Stephen Hawking. Though Stephen King is good too.
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    - The Resistance Box Set
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    - Absolution DVD
    - Far Away From Memories (unofficial)

    + A calender and 2 books..
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    Past: Resistance Tour:
    10/11/09 - Birmingham NIA
    12/11/09 - O2 Arena
    13/11/09 - O2 Arena

    3 stadium shows?
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  1. Please could you delete this account, as I have a newer one that I use. Thank you.

  2. Oooh, Manchester was earlier, but if they start at 8.45 that will help somewhat, thank you very much, that does make me fell better, cheers! Either way I get to miss Lily Allen so s'all good
  3. Does it matter that I'll be half an hour late or so? I can't get there until about half eight, then once ive checked into the hotel have to get there and find my seat in Level 2, will this be a problem or do they let people in during the main act? I thought id be ok for 9pm start, but then i find out they start at 8.15 :/
  4. So... was the stage like, in the middle, as opposed to at one end? I saw some pictures and it looked like it was set up as if on the longer edge of the rectangular stadium? EIther that or camera illusion or am i being completely daft here? lol.
  5. I once described it to myself as, Muse being the band to take me away from life, rocketing through the universe! And Placebo are the ones to bring me back to Earth. Muse are like waking up, Placebo are like falling asleep. But I love sleep so,they're both great, but Muse are superior to my ears. Plus they seem funnier as people Placebo really do hold their own live though. Something special there. Having said that, I hope my final live count will be a much higher number for Muse
  6. Come back to London, but anywhere smaller than Wembley. WEMBLEY ARENA, O2 ARENA or anywhere slightly smaller Or, you know... Anywhere in England Or is that being greedy, as we've just had/about to get a ton of shows? Or.. anywhere that falls within my weeks off at work so I can get there!
  7. Coaches? I'm using a coach or train from London area. Not sure what is available for Wales, but if those options are available, might be worth a look. Nation Express or something
  8. Usually around 11pm, bit before perhaps, bit after perhaps,with getting out of the place too... But I'm not sure if the stadium will differ. Just thought i'd post anyway, as you said "quickly" but hopefully someone who knows more about stadium shows will chip in soon too But i think I heard that 11pm is generally the loud music curfew haha.
  9. LMAO Brian is the one with the "whiney" voice, Matt just mumbles or screams. But they are both so different. Everyone's entitled to their opinions. Matt seems to think highly of Lily Allen but I'm not going to automatically like her or dislike him because I don't actually like her and that's my opinion. I gave up Placebo's LG gig to save money for more Muse :/ But so far I have seen both bands 3 times so... it's not all bad.
  10. Matt looks so awkward XD Brian's arm gestures really were exaggerated. But they are the only two bands I have and would by those uber expensive limited edition album BOX things And the only two I will see live as many times as I can. Ideally separately, so they can both shine. But you know, they're both just weird in their own ways.
  11. I did that last year, by the third night, I was going home expecting another one the next day!! Best week ever though That way you don't have months of waiting for a couple of hours which are soon over! Cos you have another day and another
  12. I've thought this for a while, but i'm perhaps biased in wanting my two favourite artists at once. Besides, clash of egos maybe? It'll never happen.
  13. I work til 6.30 this day T_T Unless I can work earlier or swap shifts or anything, but plus side is I won't have to endure The Big Pink again. OR Lily Allen. Win. But probably won't get there til 9, which is cutting it, as i have to check into hotel too :/ Got Level 2.. judging from the Level 1, which looks bad enough... I won't see a thing! But after work can relax and listen and enjoy the lights Got standing for Manch and Wembley 2 anyways
  14. So much for sufficient pre-Saturday shift sleep Impressive much? What would we do without people who go over the top And suddenly it's only 3 months away, more or less. Huzzah!
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