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Will You Remember Me?


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I did a couple key word searches and I couldn't find a similar thread, so I figured I would start my own. I also know that there isn't much potential for conversation in this thread, but I figured I'd start it anyway because it always enters my mind. Sorry if this isn't necessary. :p


Does anyone else ever think of the song Easily when logging in to anything on the Internet, such as Hotmail, Muse.mu, Facebook, Myspace, etc... where you have the option to click "remember me"


Let your inhibitions go

Make every touch electrical

When you're feeling beautiful

Will you remember me?


I want to touch you deep inside

And find the secrets that you hide

When you fears are cast aside

Will you remember me?

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No, because I never like my computer to remember my passwords - but now that you mentioned it I will think of it every time I go to log in somewhere and see it !!!!! :p


Those lyrics are cool.


hehe same to me....now I'll always think about :D


I love easily...

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