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Ok let's get this started.

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The W5's.


Who - Toronto Muse fans (the more the better!)

What - Fan Jam session

Where - TBD

When - TBD

Why- Because it will be awesome.


Pretty much this is where Fans get to do their own playing of Muse's Music! :D If you can't play any Instruments, just come and sing along, or if you want you can go take the Lead Vocals! I'll make a setlist and people should sign up which one they want to do. (The one thing I don't know about this is.. I know some people want to play the same songs.. if we play it more than once it might get a tad annoying? I dunno)


Pricing wise I think Garp will find out how much it costs (can ya buddy?) He said it's $20-30 per hour.. so if we get alot of people it's really not that much. Now do we need a sound technician? You know working the soundboard?

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Maybe just jam the first time and see how it goes before we decide on recording? I'm female, by the way. And a tad older, I might add :D


Yea, I can find a couple of places and get the prices - we're looking at hourly rate rentals, and depending on how many people we get it might be a simple room or even a room with a stage. I think I saw a rehearsal place that actually had a piano but I have to find that one again. They all typically come with at least one mic, guitar and bass amp, drum kit (sometimes no cymbal though) and a PA system.


Instrumentwise, if anyone wants to play it, I can bring a Fender imitate bass or a Seagull accoustic guitar with pickup (only one of them since I have to take transit). I think I have a mic lying around somewhere, too. And a pan flute if anyone can play it ;)

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