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  1. anyone go to tonights concert? How was it?
  2. just noticed that that was a perfect segway into Starlight
  3. I just set my phone's home screen on (andriod) still pretty bright. I loved Matt's Piano. The strings lit up whenever he played a key. AWEOSME
  4. I sure did! Matt was soo apprecitative of us when they came back out for the encore, the thing I love about that whole phone experience was that it was spontaneus. I remember Matt tried getting the crowd to do it in 2010, and it failed miserably. Altho thats because 80% of the crowd was all moronic ***light fans. PACKED HOUSE! This concert was sooooo much better than 2010. I really wish I had pit tix, but the vantage point I had made for awesome pics.
  5. Night two in Toronto, the first night was EPIC. So glad I was able to go, but didn't buy tix for the second night. Set list for last night's show (if you wish to see it) is post #91 in the April 9th thread. Cheers.
  6. BEST CONCERT EVER!!! They were sooooooooo much better than the last time they were here. I'm sooo happy I was able to see it. Setlist:
  7. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Can't WAIT!! Almost missed it because of a school presentation too. IT WAS DESTINED TO HAPPEN!
  8. waited to let my friend messege me if he wanted to come and now all i'm getting is the "not available atm" bs again. heres to waiting. Everyone else get thiers ordered ok?
  9. Must change to: BH&R > Absolution > OoS/T2L > TR > Showbiz
  10. I got the CD/DVD and I got a booklet so Canada must be good!
  11. I just finished watching the DVD (I got the CD/DVD as soon as I woke up this morning and immediately went to the music store). AWESOME!! It made me really like Panic Station now. Dom's getup for unsustainable was HILARIOUS!! *sorry if this is discussed, not going thru pages of posts
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