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Muse live at reading festival 2011 cd/dvd???


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On Groove Music there's a Live At Reading Festival 2011 album, which only includes New Born, Bliss and Plug In Baby from when they played OOS. Man With A Harmonica is also titled Power to Love. All songs have (Live) after them. I looked on Youtube and there are sites selling a Live At Reading Festival 2011 DVD. It is unknown whether the songs retain the glitches from the recordings.


Is this real?

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My dad bought it off the Samsung/android/whatever music store thingy and I've listened to it. It's very odd, it only has New Born/Bliss/Plug In Baby from OOS which is to be expected because it only uses the BBC recording but it has no glitches! They fixed them! But not Hysteria, that song is completely removed from the CD because it was impossible to fix. Man With A Harmonica is mistitled Power To Love, as I thought and the jam at the end of Stockholm Syndrome is put with Helsinki Jam.

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