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2017.06.12 - Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO, USA

halo eighteen

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It was part of their series on "God hates your idols," iirc.


They had a couple paragraphs on why Leto was going to hell, and Bellamy just got "serial fornicator." :chuckle:

Sort of like the same thing that saw them protest Foo Fighters and Radiohead gigs in KC, I'm guessing. And guess that comes with the territory of Leto being a big name actor as well as musician, but still... :chuckle:

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Foo Fighters did that "gay" trucker video, didn't they? I just remember the band members driving past the protest wearing the outfits playing that Rick Astley song... :chuckle:


Leto played a transsexual in a movie.


The "church" is clearly just in it for the press, though, because the same night they were protesting a Journey concert (lol) there was another gig nearby with a frontman wearing upside down crosses who sings some pretty anti-religious songs from time to time, and runs a pagan themed clothing company, playing at a smaller venue that they didn't bother with.

WBC is just a bunch of sad fame whores, which ironically would condemn them in the eyes of their Lord...

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