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Which 5 gigs would you time-travel to see?


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So this is something I actually think about fairly often and find pretty fun for some reason. Think it links with the kick I get from searching for obscure bootlegs as well, like your perfect gig might be out there without you knowing (or something :chuckle:). Might be just me being a sad fanboy as ush but figured I'd put it out there to see what other people thought.


If you could go back in time to attend any 5 gigs, which would you choose and why?


Here's mine (atm, at least):


London Arena - 13th November 2001


Don't think I'd actually heard about this one 'til just now. Longest Origin set tmk with 20(!) songs, last performances of Sober and Fillip, and Millionaire supporting. No audio, video or even pics that I can find but you can imagine it was a mad 'un. Only thing it's missing is HTAILY </3


Tokyo International Forum - 12th March 2007


Goes without saying really. Black Holes era, Japanese crowd, one of my fave stages and obvs 22 bloody songs - inc. Hoodoo, COD, Assassin, CE, Map, B&H, TAB, Forced In, Assassin, SFA, New Born, Invin and Bliss closing the main set. I mean, you'd just be getting spoiled really.


Tokyo Zepp - 15th July 2001


Honestly would've preferred the one from November 29th the same year w/ CE opening but had to get one with HTAILY. Still one of my faves to watch videos of though, plus red-haired Matt. Smaller venue than the London Arena one as well, which'd be cool.


St. Louis Pageant Concert Nightclub - 26th April 2005


Abso club gig w/ Crying Shame, Debase and Burning Bandits all in one set. Band seemed particularly wild as well, judging by the audio bootleg.


Eden Project - 22nd August 2006


Was tempted to go for something wilder like Montreux Jazz '02 but, since I got the IEM bootleg, this one holds a special place in my heart. Knights w/ SD outro, Black Holes-era Showbiz, extended Bliss w/ falsetto (actually pretty rare back then tmk) and maybe my favourite ever individual Muse song performance with that Stockholm-TAB combo closing.


Considered obvious stuff like Glasto and Wembley '07 but I think I prefer watching those via pro-shot tbh, gives me a better perspective and idea of the scale. Did hurt leaving out stuff like Shepherd's Bush '06 and Gran Rex '08 though </3

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