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Interview with Chris in Madrid


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I can't believe there still are some journalists trying to subtly bring out this old, futile quarrel again.

Chris' concise answer says it all, between the lines.


Besides, finally Chris has told what I personally think about their conspiracy- and political-themed output: it shouldn't be read as a real shout-out against "powers that be", but simply as a sort of music dystophian novel tugging at a determinate character's mind. It's to say, a "simple" work of fiction.

Because, let's be honest: it would be quite ridiculous and hypocrite if they really (and I mean REALLY) believe in and preach what they play and sing about, given the fact they're rich and wealthy now.

Thus, at the end of the day, I view that kind of tracks as fictional storytelling, a world detached from the real one.

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