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  1. I'd say that the first half is great, can't dig the second as much. I really don't get all the hype Blockades is getting, to me it's just a Muse by numbers song and not even a good one. I honestly wish they didn't put any guitar driven song on this album. Then, The Void strikes and it's wow.
  2. A Vans Warped Tour song if it took place in the 80s.
  3. Complaining mode on: damn I kind of miss the times when Invincible was one of their worst songs
  4. Listening back to all four songs I find The Dark Side a good song, not their best but way fa from their worse and a good compromise between the "new" and "old" sound. Thought Contagion is okay, could probably be worked better, it bores me sometimes. But what surprised me the most is that I actualy like Dig Down way more than Something Human.
  5. I'm actually digging it, somehow. I really don't know why.
  6. That cover art... https://www.amazon.it/Simulation-Theory-Deluxe-Muse/dp/B07FRXG26W/ref=sr_1_fkmr2_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1535629841&sr=8-1-fkmr2&keywords=mouse+simulation+theory
  7. The more I listen to this song the more I understand that I actually like the songwriting, and I think it's cool that Matt sounds Matt here and not a Bono Vox/Freddy Mercury copycut. What buzzes me about this song is the way it's arranged and produced, so I think I could really like the acoustic version.
  8. it feels way more honest than "back to basic" Muse but it's not quite my cup of tea.
  9. I really can't see why a band should put something that wasn't on a tour on a tour documentary. I think I'll wait for the internet to do the magic, you know what I mean
  10. This is pretty uninspired but not half as bad as dig down. I like the "you were bitten by" part, but the song itself is kind of a mess. Also, the mixing makes it really flat and it's hard to tell each part of its structure - but it could just be a problem of the leaked version, I guess we'll hear this afternoon.
  11. vixi

    Best Album

    To me it's: 1) Origin Of Symmetry - you already said everything about it, but I actually like Feeling Good too, I just got bored of it. 2) (but pretty close) Black Holes and Revelations - I can see where the flaws are and I used to agree, but twelve years later I really started to love it, I don't know why. Pop tracks ain't too cringy and the whole thing has some kind of strong imaginary that really helps keeping the songs together. 3) Showbiz - I'm into emotional music, I love raw and heartfelt stuff 4) Absolution - I used to rank it with OOS as their best, but listening back some days ago I really think it doesn't work well as an album. Most of the songs are great, but sounds like a collection of singles and their relative b-sides to me. 5) Drones - Dead Inside weirdly became one of my favorite songs by Muse. I still get back to that one and to The Handler really often. I like some other song to, but in a way that's like "oh, well, it could've got worse I guess". Sounds bad (how could someone possibly think that hiring AC/DC producer in 2014/2015 was a good idea?). Shitty lyrics. But as a whole, it actually works. 6) The 2nd Law - Actually, this and Drones are interchangeable. I remember getting really pumped by Survival when it came out and I hoped the album would've been something along those lines. It wasn't. It has some great moments on it, but it actually got worse in others. The problem is: it's lazy. 7) The Resistance - booooring. Hate the title track so fucking much it ruins my whole listening experience.
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