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If there is a new album...


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...recorded live this tour, what songs should be in?


Personally i'd love to have the new ones played from Drones, and




Butterflies & Hurricanes

Citizen Erased


Take a Bow


...anything else is welcomed.

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I think there'd need to be a b-side or two thrown in there. Fat chance of it being Glorious though, from the sounds of it.


Mostly stuff from Drones, plus Assassin, Dead star, Stockholm Syndrome and Fury or something. Just off the top of my head.

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I was having a realistic approach there, using only songs they already have played. B&H and Blackout from Paris, Assassin from London... Having Glorious would be great, but i doubt they'll ever play it again.

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They usually go for a full gig as opposed to a compilation so, from the ones we've had so far, I'd probs go for Glasgow night 1. Though, whatever gig gets picked, the main things I'd like to see on there are Bliss, Map and AP.


Ideal bonus features could be:


Assassin (London 14th)

Butterflies & Hurricanes (Paris 1st)

Sunburn (London 12th)

Apocalypse Please (anywhere)

JFK + Revolt (anywhere)


We all know it won't be anything like that though. Well, apart from Revolt.

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I wouldn't be against a Hullabaloo esque DVD combining both Manchester nights, including:


Bliss (8th)

MOTP (8th)

Hysteria (8th)

TAB (8th)

PIB (9th)

SS (9th)

CE (9th)

Revolt (9th)


And erasing FG and Resistance.


Then as extras:


Assassin (London, 14th)

B&H (Paris, 1st)

Sunburn (London, 12th)

AP (London, 14th)

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