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2016.06.21 - Olimpiski, Moscow, Russia


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I was there - great gig as always Muse do :cool:

It was my 5th and the last Muse gig on this great tour :musesign:


The venue was full (especially standing area although 1 standing ticket = 100 EUR officially) except some empty seats at expensive vip zones.

There wasn't any surprise in the >set list<, and there wasn't any special speech (like "it's our last gig on Drones 360 Tour... blah blah blah...") from the band too.


One "special' thing actually happened - the huge black Globalist drone was ready to take off but something went wrong and it was taken away.


1 hour before the show there was a special videochat at Muse official page at VK.com, you may watch it >here<.

I was very impressed that the crowd was singing so good and loudly, especially on Starlight, Matt was smiling hearing our singing )


There are some good amateur videos from the gig at Youtube already,

especially >here< is an excellent full show video.



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Some pleasant memories from the Moscow gig :love:


it was the first Muse show in my life, because they're not frequent guests in Russia and travelling to Europe is way too expensive for me, and last year i had to miss both Russian gigs because exams :'( yet still, i felt insanely happy after attending it. Usually i'm very tired after gigs, after standing with no food and water for several hours, but this time i wasn't tired at all, i literally wanted to FLY IN THE SKY <3


i managed to take some cool pictures :) i'm still shocked at how i managed to sing, shout, dance, jump, wave my hands in the air and take pics at the same time (see what Muse are doing to people :D they turned me into Julius Caesar)





















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