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Selling DETROIT ticket for cheaper


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I bought this ticket right after it got available because I am from Chicago and 2 weeks ago there was no concert announced for Chicago. Now it is and I will go there and not to Detroit.

I am selling it 5 bucks cheaper (you can see the screenshot, will sell for 50) - we can do it via the PayPal or Chase quick pay.


Place is great - I bought ticket few minutes after it was available for sale.


Let me know if I should go to the different place for that.


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I agree. I still have my money tied up with the PA tix I'm trying to sell, and would have LOVED to have just known about Chicago in time to get tix to Detroit, as well, if I was going to be in the area.


As it stands, I'll probably miss the entire tour due to short notices and their complete lack of organization.


A bit peeved.

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