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Muse Drones loved by reptiles!!

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We're still waiting. :phu:


EDIT: I know, not lizards, but still on topic on animals loving Drones. :D


I promise I'm trying! :chuckle: He of course won't do it when I'm filming.


The two webcasts I was able to watch at home, the little dork watched on my lap. Like, actually watched. And he turns to me in the all pauses during the songs, and then looks back.

He "sings" during Reapers, and does an OCD amount of head cocking during PiB's intro. The last time, he got down and started looking behind the speakers. :chuckle:


Unfortunately, the bf only got an obstructed video of the Reapers thing that time, and it's mostly just my chubby arse. :(

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