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Describe Muse's sound with a metaphor


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I can think of no other band whose sound even approaches Muse's. (Yes, I've heard comparisons, but they never ring true to me.)


For fun, give me a fitting metaphor for Muse's sound. Here's mine.




Muse's sound is... a fireworks show above a bottomless pit on a very clear night.


There's often a great, black depth due to the prominent bass guitar, low piano notes, occasional dubstep elements and other anchoring sounds. Meanwhile, the wailing vocals and guitar riffs tend to launch, arc, explode and dazzle.


While both the great depth and soaring upper elements work together, they retain a separation and distinctness, not usually muddling each other (at least, not in my favorite songs). In essence: Muse 's sound is dark and deep but also soaring and brightly explosive, and it's often spacious in between.


Also, the percussion tends to hit very clearly, loudly and relentlessly, as in the finale of a fireworks show very nearby.

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Mad as a box of frogs.


Only one band can go from Queen-style glam rock to dubstep, from space rock to classical symphonies, be audacious to put lyrics like "stretch it like a birth squeeze" in their song. talk about conspiracy theories, religion and capitalism all in the same song sometimes. It's Muse, because they are crazy, sometimes cheesy but always amazing :D

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