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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I went on saturday 17th of October to listen to Muse in Buenos Aires and I was completely dissapointed with the concert because the sound was really low. Most of us in the back field were singing "we cant hear" (in spanish), which means this was something that really bothered a lot of us. I do not say this to offend anybody. I just think that in a proffessional concert where you pay that much money to listen to a band, at least I could expect to listen well to the music. And if not, at least the people in charge of that should now that there was something going wrong. I hope it is useful for the next time! Regards!
  2. Muse are performing in Buenos Aires in October. Tickets go on pre-sale tomorrow at 12pm local time, and on general sale on May 23rd. Details here: http://muse.mu/news,new-show-buenos-aires-argentina-17-october_1646.htm The post also says "Standby for additional announcements"...
  3. I can think of no other band whose sound even approaches Muse's. (Yes, I've heard comparisons, but they never ring true to me.) For fun, give me a fitting metaphor for Muse's sound. Here's mine. -- Muse's sound is... a fireworks show above a bottomless pit on a very clear night. There's often a great, black depth due to the prominent bass guitar, low piano notes, occasional dubstep elements and other anchoring sounds. Meanwhile, the wailing vocals and guitar riffs tend to launch, arc, explode and dazzle. While both the great depth and soaring upper elements work together, they retain a separation and distinctness, not usually muddling each other (at least, not in my favorite songs). In essence: Muse 's sound is dark and deep but also soaring and brightly explosive, and it's often spacious in between. Also, the percussion tends to hit very clearly, loudly and relentlessly, as in the finale of a fireworks show very nearby.
  4. Can someone help me getting the right sound for any Muse songs? Or al least a close sound. I count with a Line 6 spider IV, boss ds-1, boss mt-2, boss ch-1, digitech whammy dt, and an zvex fuzz factory. I also have two guitars, a Gibson SG with two P90s and a Jackson Dinky. Thanks
  5. First prize Muse sings their song on their next record + touring with Muse! Second Prize Band gets to tour with Muse. Third prize Flying tickets (including hotel) from anywhere around the world + concert + meet the band and chat. Rules: 1. The song should be original but Sound like Muse - instrumentally and vocally. 2. Records to be inspired from - Showbiz, Origin, Hullabaloo, Absolution, Black holes. Note: The new records are nice but The sound is not as unique as the first ones. 3. This forum will choose the hundred finalists. 4. Judges for hundred finalists - Muse themselves. 5. Anyone worldwide can enter via soundcloud link. Better than Youtube because only the song and sound are being judged. 6. No submission fee! Who's with us? Here is our original and first candidate, for now on Youtube, Bring yours too! Note: This is just an idea, not an official declaration, but if enough people want it, together, maybe we can make it happen!
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