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Rome,18july 2015? No, i can't.


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Dear Muse,

i'm italian, i'm 16 and i'm one of your fans for ages. I'm a student: I study at liceo classico(the more difficult school in Italy) and i play karate twice a week: I think i can't live without your music. You are here with me when I need help, when i need to escape from the world or when I need to recharge me. So thanks for being who you are and for doing what you do. I love you. I would like to come to your concert with my friend in Rome next year, but i can't: Rome it's too far and we don't have enough money, but above all there's too much criminality, so my parents don't let me come even if I wouldn't come alone. I know what you think now: "so what?" Probably I'll come to listen to you the next time, but I think that Italy is not the favourite destination by you players, so I've got a request: don't foget us, please. There's a lot of italian girls and boys who love you and sooner or later I and my friends will come to listen to you, it's a promise, so please: don't forget us. Oh and please is possible, the next time, come to Milano or Torino?

Thank you for reading my thread (if you did it.. I doub it, but it doesn't matter: thank you anyway)



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