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SOS missing Offenbach interview

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Hello everyone!

Due to Matthew's recent laryngitis, I felt the urge to watch the interview in which he says something along the lines of:

"The concert was cancelled because our management is shit. I never cancelled a concert because of my voice. My voice is fine -AAAAAAAAAAAAH".

If that can help you remembering, he was wearing a bandana, and I'm pretty sure the interview was called "Offenbach something something".


Well, apparently this video was deleted from Youtube >.<



Has anyone saved it on their computers by any chance...?

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I know which interview you mean. I don't have it saved or anything, but I'm quite sure that this "My voice is fine...AAAAAAAAHHH" bit appeared in one of the "Muse funny moments" videos on Youtube. Im going to search it for you :)

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