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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone! Due to Matthew's recent laryngitis, I felt the urge to watch the interview in which he says something along the lines of: "The concert was cancelled because our management is shit. I never cancelled a concert because of my voice. My voice is fine -AAAAAAAAAAAAH". If that can help you remembering, he was wearing a bandana, and I'm pretty sure the interview was called "Offenbach something something". Well, apparently this video was deleted from Youtube >.< Has anyone saved it on their computers by any chance...?
  2. Hello everyone! I decided to translate into French an interview of Matthew Bellamy, speaking about The Resistance, politics... I found it really interesting, he is so right. Matthew Bellamy Interview 17.09.2009 VOSTFR I just hope that more people will be able to discover how amazing Muse are, how precious their ideas are. I am French, but I find the English language fascinating. More translations will be uploaded soon! Have a good night, full of Muse dreams!
  3. Hello everyone! This interview is very interesting, and I am translating it in French (with subtitles). I just need to know one simple thing: Could you write exactly the first sentence you hear? The interviewer is German so it is not really easy to understand... Does he say "Everything turns to gold for you?" Sorry if I am wrong, I just hope you could help me for this. Thank you very much!
  4. Hey, here's a very interesting interview/informal chat with Matt in Rome on the occasion of the DVD concert... http://auntbetty.co.uk/2013/09/chat-with-matthew-bellamy/
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01ly3l2/Fearne_Cotton_Tuesday_Little_Mix_Live_In_The_Studio!/ Starting around the 1.55.00 mark. Nothing new really, but Matt said unlike TR which only had "4 or 5" songs that worked live, T2L has "quite a few" and "I think this album's going to be really good to play live" which is always good to hear. Also, Matt being cute
  6. Fans had sent in questions via Twitter and then he answered them. They're all in separate little interviews: "Where Did Chris Get His Olympic Bass From?" "Are Muse Coming To Some Of The Countries They've Missed On The Next Tour?" "Does Matt Really Have A Basement Full Of Canned Foods Ready For The Apocalypse?" "How Do Matt And Chris Maintain Their Vocals?" "Will The Olympic Closing Ceremony Influence The Next Muse Tour?" "Which New Song Is Chris Looking Forward To Playing Live?" "How Does Chris Headbang Without Getting Dizzy?" "Was Survival Written About Athletes, Or The Human Race?"
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