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Okay, since I'm not willing to buy individual songs for a ton of money, why not another b-side collection? Maybe include rare stuff, like Dead Star and In Your World (I heard they might record Sign O' the Times in the studio, so that too). Start with songs from Origin era, not include songs from Hullabaloo. And no remixes. They stench.


Tracklisting (Not ordered)


Piano Thing

Everything from Dead Star/In Your World

The Groove

Eternally Missed


Crying Shame


Assassin (GOBE)


(Who Knows Who? It's pretty dumb, but still something different)

Prague and/or Popcorn

Neutron Star Collision.


This mainly reflects personal preference, so don't go hating too much. Also, maybe include older b-sides not on Hullabaloo, like from Cave, Uno, or Muscle Museum singles.

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Dead Star/In Your World was a single, just like NSC.


Yes, but they are tough to obtain in physical format, and I'd rather not buy the soundtrack for Eclipse or spend $50 for Dead Star/In Your World.


Also, include tracks rarely played live for fans of that sort of stuff.

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I ended up buying almost all of the B-sides from the .mu shop, cuz yeah, American iTunes has basically nothing.


I sort of did want physical copies, but it just would have been prohibitively expensive, with even just DS/IYW running to $50-$60 for just the basic version, and some of the singles much worse.


I'd have wanted those just to have original cover art, etc, though, so having a "physical" B-Sides release still wouldn't have made me happy, anyways.


And I've come to terms with the fact that the Zepp is probably never coming true.

Most of the time...

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