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Hidden Story in Showbiz Album


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I'm not sure if anyone has done anything similar to this but I sure haven't found anything. Anyways, I was looking at the lyrics to the songs on Showbiz (The original album so there's no Spiral Static) and I noticed that they sort of, connected in a story. This is what I interpreted it as. (I used random names for the characters so it was less confusing)



A guy named Joe finds a girl named Sarah and falls in love with her.


Muscle Museum

Joe has a dark secret (What it is is up for debate) and is arguing with himself as to whether he should tell Sarah.



It is right before Joe and Sarah’s wedding and Joe is nervous that if Sarah finds out about his secret, she will hate him


Falling Down

Sarah finds out about Joe’s secret and then divorces him.



Another girl, Sally, who is friends with Joe, is asking him why he’s so sad, but he just says that it’s nothing to do with her.



A while later, Joe and Sally have already gotten married and Sally knows Joe has a secret. She keeps pestering him to tell her, and it is driving him insane.



Joe continues to try to convince Sally not to make him tell her his secret, by saying that if he tells her, she might not love him anymore.



Joe runs into Sarah somewhere and tries to convince her that they could have had happy lives if she had overlooked his secret.



Joe gets drunk and accidentally tells Sally his secret.



Joe is trying to convince Sally not to divorce him, but accidentally insults her in the process.



Joe runs into Sarah again and tries to convince her that she’s really missed him since their divorce, but she denies it.


Hate This and I’ll Love You

Joe decides that he won’t give up until Sarah loves him again.


If you have a different interpretation, feel free to let me know.

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