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Help with Coil tapping !


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or coil splitting.. ??


ok my knowledge on this is very little.


I'd like to coil tap my Motherbucker (yes i know i know, leaveeeeee it)


I know the options are vast but its the only pickup in my guitar (bridge of course) and im fed up of full power quad-rail tone now.


I need a new 1meg volume pot as mine has gone on a wobbler so i thought whilst i'm in there ill give it a go.



Ideally i guess two push/pull pots (volume, tone) would be used to control it but like i say i have LITTLE to NO knowledge.


Any help to push me in the right directly would be greatly appreciated !!

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Ive confused myself even more the past couple of nights researching.


I dont know what i want it to do ?!


im thinking, two push pull puts and a switch.


The switch acting as 3-way pickup selector, top pair of rails, all four rails, bottom pair of rails


with the two push pull pots achieving... ?? removing a rail so it turns into a single rail.


does this make sense to anyone ? is that even tonally a good idea?


There is little to no SPECIFIC information on tapping this pick-up, that surprises me as the options (i'd assume) would be vast !

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Did you check the wiring inside? That might give you some insight to the way it's been set up. In general, I would say: try and see if you like it tone-wise. If you don't? Change it back.


I don't know how your guitar is currently set up; pics/description of that might help?

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I'll update this thread with pics, diagrams tomorrow !


i have ordered some pots and switches to start messing with.


Hopefully i can be steered in the right direction on here, thank you for your help ! :)


My guitar was basically an old strat type (HSS) yamaha pacifica, which i have since sprayed white, and installed the motherbucker.


It is just motherbucker>volume>tone at the mo. hence why i need more options with the one pickup :)

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right i think this... is what i want. Remembering that it is essential two hot-rails in one humbucker housing.



Am i right in thinking that the first two switches, i can switch up for push pull pots which would cut each individual humbucker into a single coil?


The third switch being a selector switch between both humbuckers working as, pickup 1, both, pickup 2.


if that is correct... Then how do i wire back onto the pots one for volume the other for tone.




Any response will be much appreciated, abuse, laughter, flaming, a lovely person with a bodged up wiring diagram. ANYTHING!

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Thankyou for your input anyway, i've decided i'm going to update this thread with my findings as i'd presume this would be the board that would want to know about tapping a Motherbucker !


(i cant believe nobody does it/documents it on the internet!!) haha.

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how's this



I believe with this setup I will get the following combinations:


Bridge pickup (1/2 MBucker)

Bridge + mid (full M Bucker)

Mid (1/2 M Bucker)

Mid + neck (1/2 M Bucker + full neck)

Neck (full neck)


If I have followed the diagram correctly the push pull should give me Single coil variations on each combination.


Can anyone confirm this for me please?




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thanks alot man ! i had a search myself but couldn't find anything he had said. i doubt i'll be using a 5-way but still, that diagram has gave me my base i was desperately looking for!


I'll draw up a sketch in the next few days and see what you guys think of it ! thanks again.

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