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White Open Face Guitar Cab


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Does anyone know where to buy the cabs Matt was using at this gig?



I really like the look but can't seem to find any online. Would it be possible to just get any 4x12, unface it and spray paint the tolex? If so, whats the most budget way to do this? I'd be spending my money more so on the actual speakers than the cabinet.

If I'd to go DIY on it, would the paint attach to the tolex? and would it work well going from black to white?

Hopefully, one of you guys knows where to just buy one off the shelf though.

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ah, awesome. Is retolexing a cab a pain or is it relatively straight forward? I imagine it must easier than doing a head.


i tried it once and just ended up leaving the cabinet completely stripped :facepalm: made a big mess and was loads of work just getting the tolex off




it seems that his cab was just the cab from the absolution tour (notice the metal logo) with the grille removed and the existing tolex spray painted white. you can see some of the paint coming off and revealing the black tolex



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It's pretty time consuming, but what I did was unscrew the baffle (the wooden part the speakers are mounted on) remove that from the cabinet, and remove all the staples that kept the mesh on. There are loads of them, so it takes a while to do.


Of course, you could just cut and remove the mesh along the back edge and no one would notice, but it's a bit neater the other way


removing tolex on the other hand is a nightmare...or at least the way I did it, which I have a feeling was incorrect!

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