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  1. What's with the three different prices for the same type of tickets? :S
  2. Cheers for the heads up! I'll check it out. No idea where to even start however aha
  3. Usually in a DAW its in the little section where it shows your note velocity info, then you select the different types of messages from a drop down menu. Cant seem to find this in ableton.
  4. Where do you edit the CC/program change stuff in ableton then? I cant seem to find the part. Remember each scene for us is equal to one who song. We've not got like intro/verse/chorus/middle8 scenes.
  5. Well yeah. I was thinking more along the lines of triggering my pedals for me but the grander plans will come in time hahaha
  6. No, no. What i want to do is run backing tracks/clicks tracks from ableton alongside midi tracks that are sending out MIDI program changes and CC messages to bits of gear. Controlling them in time with backing track. The backing track/click track and midi messages all being contained within one scene.
  7. Was wondering if any of you guys have got Ableton to play midi information that isnt just note on, note off info. I know that program changes are possible when changing clips/scenes but if I imported a midi file from pro tools with cc info for say a guitar pedal or hardware synth, would the info carry over or just the note information? I know you can't add or edit any midi information within ableton other than note on/off, velocity, etc. So thats why I'm interested to see if it'll even play it. Want to run backing tracks with MIDI triggering effects units, lighting etc within ableton because of its interface. Reordering sets etc is just so much easier in ableton.
  8. Hey, does anyone have the intervals written down for motp? Thinking of using Reaper to trigger the pitch shifter on my M13 but don't know the patterns used for the octave changing.
  9. He doesnt normally contain it in the same rack though and nothing else is doubled up. Must be for stereo stuff/multiple amp models. He's definitely doing a lot more stereo stuff now anyway. Lots of panning stuff going on
  10. As good as the axe fx sounds (and it really sounds amazing), I think the kempers are a different world of tone. Must be what he's using, especially since he has two. Unless he's modeling using all of them! Which I think I'm right in saying, with the switchblade, he could do.
  11. Looks like the amp sims are coming from the kemper profiling amps. He has two, a white one and a black one. The axe fx is probably only for effects. Wonder why he has two kempers. Stereo? Multi-amp sim layering?
  12. haha! I'll bare that in mind. I'll probably go for the stanely quick slash solution. Remove speakers. Mask it and then spray paint it. Need to buy a 4x12 first however. Any decent ones we know of for under £200? Probably going to sit a Line 6 DT 25 head on top (might be situated off stage however)
  13. I never noticed that before. Thought it was an entirely new cab. Anybody have any tips on removing the mesh from a cab? Since his was a grill rather than mesh.
  14. ah, awesome. Is retolexing a cab a pain or is it relatively straight forward? I imagine it must easier than doing a head.
  15. Does anyone know where to buy the cabs Matt was using at this gig? I really like the look but can't seem to find any online. Would it be possible to just get any 4x12, unface it and spray paint the tolex? If so, whats the most budget way to do this? I'd be spending my money more so on the actual speakers than the cabinet. If I'd to go DIY on it, would the paint attach to the tolex? and would it work well going from black to white? Hopefully, one of you guys knows where to just buy one off the shelf though.
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