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I want to make a Muser video!

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I wanna make a Muser video. I posted a poll from my "Matthew Bellamy is too beautiful to be considered human" fan page and it looks like Knights of Cydonia is going to be the song. I personally wanted Unintended... but oh well.


I want to put the video on Youtube if all goes well and this actually happens. I don't know how I'll get around copyright though. I remember on my old account I'd post songs that were "chipmunked" by raising the pitched and even those were taken down for copyright so I'm not going to do that, unless they changed that rule. The other option was to us a live version.


I was also wondering- do you think it should be pictures of lyrics or lip syncs? Or both?


And the only problem about Knights of Cydonia is that the intro is long, and a lot of the live versions include Man with a Harmonica (WHICH I LOVE) and I'd hate to cut that out but I might have to. Should I:


a) Cut out the entire intro and skip to the "ahhhhh's"

b) Cut out Man with a Harmonica and leave the original intro

or c) Leave in both Man with a Harmonic AND leave in the original intro


Your input would be appreciated :D this video is inspired by Taylor's hard work (if she happens to see this!) on the awesome Citizen Erased fan video.

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I kinda wanna do Falling Down now because I'm currently obsessed with it.


we'll see. Would anyone be interested in being in the video? I'd probably do half lip sync and half photos.


I'd probably do the same thing as the Citizen Erased fan video by making an event on Facebook.


I'd do it, only if I get to be really dramatic.

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