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Do not request commercial tracks


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Just a reminder about the rules on the muse board


Keep the content clean and legit

Piracy, copyright violations, or any other illegal transactions may not be linked on the board. Links to commercial released materials (eg Muse B Sides/Hullabaloo Live) are also deemed as illegal.


The only means of getting these tracks are either from an online music store, or buying the actual cd's.


Hope that's clear and all, if you have any problems or issues, feel free to contact any of the muse staff team and we'll be happy to help.



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Time for a bit of an update...


Muse have made almost all of their back catalogue available to buy from a variety of outlets (iTunes, Zune, Amazon, etc.), and what's more, free to listen to on Spotify and the Official Muse Website.


So, just a reminder that it isn't permissible to share any of these tracks that are for sale or are free to listen to legally through other outlets. If you have any trouble finding and listening to them, don't hestitate to get in contact :)




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