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Weird popup


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I keep getting a weird popup while visiting the board today. Both on my laptop and on my other computer. I scanned both but they didn't find a virus.

I use Google Chrome, just tried it with Firefox and I got the same popup. It only seems to happen when I click on the first page of the NME 2011 topic in the Media section though.


It's especially weird that the popup's dutch, and I'm dutch so it could also be a local problem. (I just asked my dutch friend to click on the link, and she got the popup aswell)




At the top it says 'Verification needed' and it asks for my username and password. Of course I haven't given those. I was on another forum a while ago and they had the same problem, the site went offline for a while and the moderator took care of it. Apparently that site got hacked, so I hope that isn't the case with the muse board?

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