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How Does Muse Trigger Samples?


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For example, how do they sample the delayed cymbals in Unintended live? Did they record it onto a keyboard and Morgan samples it? I'm talking about the part at 1:05-1:08 in Unintended (

). Also the part at 2:01-2:05. What is that?? Is it some weird synth/keyboard effect?
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Unintended does still have the cymbal sounds though, as can be heard in


They are most likely midi triggered by Dom.


I'd imagine Morgan as Dom doesn't seem to have any MIDI triggers anywhere (Unless there's an extra pedal or two) or close mics on any drums apart from the kick & snare and that sound could easily be done by running a cymbal through a delay unit. So I'd guess Morgan is just pressing a key for a reversed cymbal now and then.

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Roland RT-10S Snare Drum Trigger

Roland RT-10T Tom Tom Trigger

Roland RT-10K Bass Drum Trigger

Roland SPD-S sampler

Roland TD-8 Drum Module

Apple Mac running Native Instruments “Battery 3″


Perhaps any of these do the trick :chuckle:


That's the TR tour set up. :p


And that's all reinforcement of the drums and Undisclosed Desires, otherwise you'd have to messing about about MIDI note on/off messages to get more accurate timing where drum samples are generally one shot. Not to mention possible bleeding from the drum mics.

Why waste time with that when the guy next to you can do that straight off from a laptop?

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excuse me if im still a little confused as this stuff is still new to me. but what im gathering here is that most likely morgan just clicks a button that samples a reverse cymbal delay sound? whats the deal with the Muse Drums list? thats only for undisclosed desires?


my other question is how exactly did they make the reverse cymbal sound? i wanted to record a cymbal, and then add delay but how do you do that via a stompbox? how do you connect a stompbox to a cymbal or are we doing some sort of electronic drumset or drum modeling software thing on a laptop? i was actually thinking of record a cymbal sound onto a korg kaoss pad and adding the delay there but if i can activate it via a laptop somehow that would probably be easier. i would love to know how to do it either way though if anyone can help!


sorry for my incessant questions im just a little lost.

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