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  1. Someone's selling two GA tickets on Reddit:
  2. Awesome! Yeah, you can arrive as early as you want :) I’m also super short so I’ll also try my best to arrive earlier haha. The past three times I’ve seen them (2 in this same venue) I’ve gotten there around 9 am and I’ve been number 37, 49 and like 70 in line and I’ve secured barrier spots all three times. There are more and more people each tour, tho, and I know people that arrive as early as 6 am.
  3. Hey, Eli, welcome back I'll try to be there around 9-10 am. You can probably arrive later if you're not aiming to get barrier spots.
  4. Oh, that's great to hear! Thank you for answering
  5. Does anyone know if I can park at the venue's parking if I arrive in the morning? 🤔
  6. I'll be there! It's going to be my first time seeing them from a seat!
  7. When did you buy the ticket? Mine didn't appear on the app until like 25 hours later.
  8. Haha yes, I am 100% sure. The other information on the ticket (i.e. venue, city, time) is correct, just the date is wrong. Edit: Oh, never mind, I just checked again and the ticket was updated with the correct date
  9. Did anyone else choose to receive their ticket on the AXS app? (I wasn't going to spend $25 for will call lol). I just got it, but it says the concert is on March 2 instead of March 5 (all the other info is correct). I'm guessing it's a mistake from AXS, but it threw me off...
  10. I'm gonna head there early too, probably with chairs and umbrellas to survive the rain haha. At what time are you guys planning to arrive?
  11. Thanks for replying! Please let us know what they say! Where you at both LA shows? If so, at what time did you get to the venue?
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