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  1. My boyfriend is similarly built. He's tiny and slim and eats like a horse but can't put on weight. Bastard.
  2. I passed up the opportunity for a Montreux ticket last year. Fuckin' me. (And yep, I saw them in 1999 as well; you're nowt special. That big there gap in my gig attendance was mostly due to illness, before you have a go at me for that.)
  3. Ah I see. Heh I knew about the click track but *ahem* didn't realise they heard themselves playing oh god I'm so dim. Now everything makes sense Thanks for indulging my ignorance!
  4. I usually hate me too posts but me too, pretty much all of it! Although that was me getting pulled out at the beginning of the second encore coz of impending panic attack (no thanks to the barrier people who refused to move so the security could get me out, thanks for that ) Dom's face in Glorious was pretty much the whole way through In fact all of them seemed to enjoy the hell out of the whole gig and I loved watching them do so. I think one of the best things as the first five or six songs unfolded was realising fuck me they're actually doing this!!
  5. OK I have got looking after my mother out of the way, I have successfully taken my cat to and retrieved her from the vet for her operation, I now have nothing to worry about before Saturday so.... ENGAGE EXCITED MODE EXCITED MODE ENGAGED :eek: :dance: :facemelt: :facemelt: :facemelt:
  6. I'm selling my ticket for this if anyone's interested (in the MuseBay thread)
  7. I've put my votes in. If MK Ultra suddenly appears please don't tell me. 1. Assassin 2. Eternally Missed 3. Fury 4. Hyper Music 5. Muscle Museum 6. Panic Station 7. Ruled By Secrecy 8. Showbiz 9. Sunburn 10. Uno
  8. I'm not sorry! Contacted them; this will be my new vote (CE and New Born out, Uno and RBS in) if the list doesn't change again. If MK Ultra :facemelt: makes an appearance though it'll replace either Uno or Panic Station. Assassin Eternally Missed Fury Hyper Music Muscle Museum Panic Station Ruled By Secrecy Showbiz Sunburn Uno
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