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  1. never seen the band and have failed twice now because ticketbastard fuck you all js
  2. that price is hefty but I NEED to go!
  3. whoa. where the fuck did you hear that?!
  4. Dead inside: 8/10. Great track, undisclosed desires with a kick, lyrics are the some of the best on the album too. Drill Sergeant/Psycho: 7/10. Tad long, repetitive and over-literal/wierd as fuck lyrics. Despite this, THE RIFF SOUNDS GOOOOOD. Everything else is awsome. Mercy: 7/10. Grown on me massively after seeing the music video. Starlight but not as good and with a bass solo Reapers 10/10. FUCKING HELL. What a tune, best song since Citizen Erased. Dead fucking serious. The Handler: 9/10. Seems slightly overrated to me but still heavy as fuck. Good IYW solo, feels like it could've gone different somewhere though (a recuring theme in this album) JFK/Defector: 8.5/10. Might have been close reapers if it didn't use so much Queen influence. Riffs a bit boring tbh. Revolt: 6/10 ugh, that prechorous is resistance's brother in hell who nobody talks about. Also starting to get the hate for U2. Not as bad as people say though. Aftermath: 4.5/10. Why is this so fucking boybandish. Had potential too. The Globalist: 6.5/10. Part 1 good but way too long. Part 2 Fantastic but WWAAAAAAAAAAY too short. Also needs lyrics and for that riff to go somewhere. Matt predicted this when he wrote crying shame. Because it is! Drones: 1/10. Matt, as brave as you are for making this song, I have to ask... WHY IS IT SO SHIT. I genuinely had to turn it down because I was embarrassed and didn't want my parents to think I'd become a monk in the 12th century. THE worst muse song. A-fucking-men Verdict: 7/10. Brb, putting reapers on repeat before I either convert or vomit. OOS>Abso>BH&R>T2L>Drones> Showbiz>TR
  5. Great idea. I'd have to agree with 6. Only ones I don't love are the last two Edit: Showbiz:10 Citizen Erased: 10 FAWY: 8 Invincible: 8 Unnatural Selection: 6 Follow Me: 7
  6. Why not do this again: Supremacy: Staple (possibly encore opener) Madness: Staple (probably same place as t2l tour) Panic Station : Rotated Survival: Staple (some sort of closer) Follow Me: Rotated (maybe with panic station with ps being played more) Animals: Rotated (kinda rare) Explorers: Gone Big Freeze: Still gone Save Me: Gone Liquid State: probably gone Unsustainable: You guessed it Isolated System: and again!
  7. Very good question. Complete guess but my thoughts that if it will appear then only Agitated and only at the start of the tour. They may be dropped for something more recent but possibly as rare. Muscle Museum anyone?
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