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  1. OK - I'm guessing Google have replaced it with a better quality version and got it wrong!
  2. Just listening to the 2nd Law as uploaded to Google Music... And Animals no longer has words!? I seem to have the original replaced with this - what's going on?
  3. Definitely CE made up for it. SS awesome but I thought that was a staple anyway? MOTP was overplayed in the Black Holes tour so I would rather they gave that a miss! I enjoyed Prelude into Starlight, it was a WTF moment! It made Starlight more enjoyable. JFK into SS was another similar confusing thing.
  4. Insane - TicketMaster worked first time - 4 standing tickets!
  5. Gigs and Tours have offereed an exchange for my London seated. But I will be trying to get standing!
  6. It was a nighmare, thanks for the gigsandtours suggestion which is way better than ticket master. I found that in Google Chrome ticket master gave unreadable capchas! I was a bit late reading the post here so I missed standing for 12th. Gigs and tours was really easy. I bought 2 seated for 12th, I thought it was confirmed but I hadn't paid properly on Paypal (being interupted at work), and then ran out of time! I then bought seated for the 14th, but then seated reappeared for the 12th! So I got those too. I will therefore have 2 tickets for seated on 14th up for grabs,
  7. Thanks, I was on ticketmaster which is terrible. I missed the standing on gigsandtours but picked up seated!
  8. Sorry, no exact matches were found, but other tickets may still be available.
  9. IT keeps searching now but no tickets found
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