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    TIRO - actually a great sleezy pop rock vibe for the verses and bridge but the choruses and pre-choruses are mindnumbingly dull and repetitive




    TIRO is one of the songs I'm the most sentimentally attached to, and the pre-chorus is an iconic Muse moment.

  2. True, it's a little bit odd but nothing extraordinary imo. In the period before the SBE show there were only 8 gigs in the US, and it got played in the first 5 and only disappeared for 3 gigs + 2 gigs in Canada before reappearing right before SBE.


    It's not hard to imagine that there might have been somethig wrong with his guitar back then. I mean, it wouldn't make sense for them to drop it intentionally as they've always recognised it as a consensual staple for both hardcore and casual fans, even less so after playing it 5 times in a row

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