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  1. I am so glad they are touring NYC earlier, instead of stadium later in the year. Cant wait to see them again, The new songs sounded great at Not So Silent Night, it will also be nice to see people stick around to see them, so many people left after Florance and the Machine.
  2. I have a feeling on the new album will be dig down, something human, pressure, you know they will play Time is Running out, Starlight, KofC(Man on Harmonica), most likely Uprising, 2nd law isolated systems, hysteria. From there not so sure on what they will do. As always would love to hear Citizen Erased but seriously doubt it on a short setlist.
  3. I am going to this show also but never been to jones beach it will be a drive for me. I first had tickets for PIT2 but not into standing or should say cant due to back, so I tossed them and got 9L so I am content, I can see everything they are doing and still hear the songs. Now all I ask is for Citizen's Erased.
  4. Once I heard Muse was going to be in my area I came to the website to get the code they use for getting Pre Sale tickets. Once on the site I noticed they now are going through ticketmaster and a verified fan process. I sign up and when finished it says it is first come first serve on how long you have been a Muse fan (assuming though the website) and you will get a text with your code. Well the Pre-Sale starts and I have not received a text, so I figure I didnt make the cut. Four hours later I get a text with the verification code. I was able to go in and get tickets which made me happy of having not to deal with ticketmaster on the date of general public. Did anyone else have this issue? I hope that going forward the code will come before the presale not after in the future.
  5. The encore was Mercy and Knights as it has been on every show this tour. I was a bit disappointed that the set was exactly the same as Barcley's minus Undisclosed Desires. I was hoping they would swap out a few songs like they have done most of the tour. One other thing is the drones had issues on one side of the stage and basically shut down after the first go around.
  6. I wouldnt worry about the GA there are two sides since its in the round. the drum kit does move around and Matt & Dom move all around the stage so you will get enough of seeing them.
  7. I was in section 26 and it was about what you explained above if the same people that were at Barcleys goes to Pru they are going to be in for an awakening as the pop songs they know will be the swapped out ones. I am really hoping for Citizens Erased like they played the last time at the Pru however they just played in Montreal so not so hopeful.
  8. X-Ambassors came on 7:30 sharp and Muse came on 8:45. Loved that they played Straight out of Compton before they came out.
  9. tickets for barcleys center had a mail option.
  10. Just got my tickets for the Pru. I have 2 Barcley tickets available once they come in the mail. Section 26 Row 8 seats 5,6.
  11. If I score tickets for Newark I will have two available for this show. As I would rather go there then to Brooklyn.
  12. i had same issue i got in.. got put in my 2 tickets and then it spinning on checkout to sold out. went back tried again the whole screen errored out. trying to get to ticketweb now and it is slow as crap. they really need to get a ticket agent with better servers.
  13. Since i couldnt get tickets in the pre-sale hopefully i can get them today. I want to hear Citizen Erased
  14. seems like i am the only person that was not and still not able to get tickets through the pre-sale, Total mismanagement from TicketWeb. Oh well guess I am going to have to try my hand at this mess tomorrow with the masses. And yes I tried everything from different browser's different codes, clearing out cache, logged in to ticketweb to being logged out. Get either invalid code. Code cannot be used anymore, sold out (this one I can accept), invalid ticket amount.
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