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  1. YESSYESSYESS! They're coming to Japan in July or something... and they have some free time after that, so maybe they'll come to australia for some sort of Warm-ish winter! It's annoying because they're going to europe TWICE for this album this year!
  2. ok thanks, i guess panic station really hits the groove for the morning, and survival - really epic! thanks might just shove those songs together or something, make them flow
  3. What's a good playlist with Muse music to get up in the morning? I guess loud music is the way too go, but sometimes that makes me shut off the alarm way too early. Recently i've been using map of your head, the groove, plug in baby and OOS..... any ideas?
  4. so this thread has been going on for a while, so i can see that the link for the sheets are broken - can someone please update the link? thanks!
  5. I just thought the 2nd Law was awesome. I love all the songs in some way. When i first listened to it i was a little upset, becuase i didn't think there were that many guitar bits. Not like BH&R. After listening to it heaps on replay and understanding each song, i really hear all the guitar. There was a guitar magazine that interviewed matt, and a question was "where are all the guitars?". My intial reaction excactly. Now i love it
  6. Not just yet, they are holding a competition for the public and muse fans to make the video. The best video is made the official music video and you win 3000 pounds. http://muse.mu/news,make-the-music-video-for-animals_1483.htm?f=news&pg=1
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