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  1. I'm with you a little bit there, although CE literally made my night! I had such a massive (possibly a bit scary to the band as I was on the barrier) smile on my face throughout whilst also singing along. I left the gig so beyond disappointed, but I have since developed a striking pair of rose tinted glasses about the rest of the night. To be fair, I still feel like The Globalist was such a highlight. I had found that one such a snoozed fest on YouTube videos, but in person I loved it. I would have preferred TaB over UD, BUT at least I do actually really enjoy UD a lot. I'd have actually preferred a traditional barrier walk for that one from Matt, as I couldn't see him very well for most of it anyway and I was stood on the barrier so it would have been nice to experience that. I just can't stop smiling at CE, I've been wanting to hear that one live for so long! I'd say the only song left on Origin that I actually care about seeing is Dark Shines. I've been lucky enough to see PIB 4 times, Bliss twice, FG (if we want to call this lucky?) once and also Hyper Music once. So I'd love to see Dark Shines one day and that would be me happy with Origin. I've never been fussed about things like Futurism. I think I personally just found it difficult to go from seeing them in such an amazingly intimate gig last year with a phenomenal setlist (Manchester) to seeing them on a more commercial scale this year. I'd much rather them start alternating club tours in between their arena and stadium tours as a regular thing, because I'd definitely go to as many of the smaller gigs as I could and then maybe go to one arena or stadium gig.
  2. I think that would have officially pushed me over the edge and I would have cried actual physical tears. I was grateful for CE and I can see why people would think it a good setlist, though I'd have preferred seeing some songs I haven't seen at almost every gig I've been to.
  3. My thoughts on tonight, this is the only gig I am doing this tour and as a result I left tonight feeling slightly shafted. I don't think the setlist was too poor overall, and I was thrilled to get CE. I've seen SS 4 times now, Hysteria 3 times and UD 3 times. I'd really have loved to get Map, or TAB would have been a dream. I probably sound like some spoiled little brat, but not all of us can afford multiple gigs per tour, so when you get a meh setlist it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. What annoys me the most is I begrudgingly bought tickets to this gig because back when this gig was announced there wasn't a Midlands date so I'd rather go to the o2 than Manchester. So not only would I have bought a ticket to Birmingham instead if it had been announced at the same time, but I would have also got a setlist that I would have preferred. I don't enjoy setlist lottery! Also, the crowd was very poor around where I was stood on the barrier. I noticed the opposite side looked a lot more lively, so maybe where I stood was just bad luck too. Couldn't knock the layout of the stage for view though, I loved the view. I rarely post on here, but I'm genuinely pretty sad after this gig and it has put me off buying tickets a little in the future. I might wait until last minute to buy them instead, then I can get a closer gig and a better setlist, all for less money!
  4. I'm probably just being a spoilt little brat since my last gig was Manchester Academy, so that was obviously going to take a lot of beating. I'm sure it was still a decent setlist to many, with the likes of Stockholm, but somehow I've seen Muse 4 times and have seen it 4 times so it's not as big a deal to me. Loved CE, surprised myself by how much I enjoyed The Globalist. Nearly cried when I found out we were getting UD. Some of the security near us showed us a sneak peak at the setlist, so from the off I knew we had got UD instead of TAB and that just put me in a bit of a mood I think. I'd have given my left arm away to see TAB.
  5. I'm not sure I enjoyed that gig as much as I hoped and wanted. We had barrier on one of the arms and our side was just lacking atmosphere and was kinda stale. I was the only one jumping to Psycho in the area. On the plus side the other side looked a lot better. I didn't feel like Matt looked like he wanted to be on the stage and quite frankly, the only redeeming feature of the gig for me was Citizens Erased. I rarely post here, but when you leave a gig feeling meh, something is wrong.
  6. Ahh fab thanks This sounds a similar setup to Birmingham which is always my preferred location. I got 2 standing tickets no problem at all I failed in the pre-sale for The Psycho Tour and lucked out in the general sale. I'm glad this one went smoother.
  7. Do we think this VIP ticket will screw up chances of queueing for barrier? Perhaps people desperate enough (and rich enough to go with it) will buy this just to be able to jump the queue and it will leave the rest of us screwed with no chance.
  8. Has anyone here ever queued for a gig at The 02 for anyone before? I'm in the Midlands and trying to work out whether I'm better off at The 02 or Manchester. I've heard crappy stuff about queueing in Manchester before, so figured I might be better off in London, but I've never been to The 02 before. Both destinations are pretty much equal for me to get to by train. Obviously London will work out more expensive, but I can make a mini trip out of it anyway. I love queueing for barrier, so if The 02 have the best queue system then it may help swing it.
  9. I don't like it Maybe it will grow on me after seeing it live sometime? No desire to listen to the studio version ever again currently though.
  10. Been in that situation myself in the past and stood further back as a result. Just before Muse came on she put the tote bag on the floor. I almost felt like telling her to pick it up if she values what is inside it. Literally a couple of minutes later Muse came on with Psycho and the crowd was a wonderful chaos. I'm assuming she managed to pick it back up before someone stood on it or pushed her away from it. Again I wouldbt begrudge it so much but she just stood there all night clinging to her partner and both seemed to not really be enjoying or taking part in the madness of the crowd - so go further back
  11. Nah different one then. This one had blonde hair, and 2 handbags... can't understand why you would overload yourself so much so close to the front. Possibly explains the lack of jumping though as one was like a tote bag
  12. They were, but I wasn't too far from them during Knights and I didn't notice that happen, so maybe it's a different couple. Knights was that crazy though I couldn't tell you for sure. Pretty sure I elbowed someone in the head by accident during that one. I'm sure there are a lot of people feeling very sore today
  13. Wow I'm glad we didn't wait for the band to come out then. We were going to, but decided a Mcdonalds was a must as we were practically dead from the amazing Setlist. I don't think I've ever been so sweaty!! Would have been awful to discover the car had been robbed that late and then head home. As it was I didn't get home until 1:15. Thankfully I'm currently having an easy day at work. I must have got a bit carried away bouncing as my left foot is totally buggered. I didn't notice the girls on fbook despite that sounding a similar area to where I was stood. I did have an annoying couple in front of me though who didn't jump, or move, or generally seem to be enjoying it at all. Some lad was behind me pushing me slowly forward (which was fine by me as I'd have loved to have been closer) but there was no getting past this couple who were clinging to each other for dear life. I don't get why people even bother standing in the first 10 rows or so if they don't want to get involved in some way. Everyone else in that area seemed great though.
  14. We parked in the carpark right next door to the venue. It could have been worse though. The window they smashed was the small triangle on the back passenger door so we didn't have too drafty a drive home. They'd stolen my mates radio though, so no singing along to Muse on the way home. I'm so thankful they didn't take my Muse hoody. Still can't fathom why they would have bothered with my work uniform and shoes though. We came straight from work to Manchester and by the time we had queued to get in the carpark and made our way through the massive queue to get in the building it was already pretty full. We still got amazingly close though. We went on Matts side and wound up around 8 to 10 rows back. The atmosphere was amazing, and the crowd around me was ok. I do wish we had been able to get there earlier though to be a bit closer. I'm normally someone who queues from early afternoon, but it was too short notice for me to get the time off work.
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