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  1. I was in Pesaro, November the 17th. My friend had a pick sign, and got one, so I managed to get the harmonica sign. I raised my hands just before Chris started playing the harmonica prior to Knights of Cydonia. I knew something would happen. And in fact, once he was finished, he came down, and handed it to me. That moment will remain etched in my brain, forever.
  2. guys please answer me coz i've never done it before in order to use the pre-sale, all I have to do is to go onto ticketone.com on the 22th and when I order the ticket, insert my personal member code?
  3. will the price be the same? i mean I paid my ticket for Pesaro around 45 euros, i hope it'll be the same
  4. allright cause I just ordered Out of the world and another book to buy'd have been annoying xD
  5. Just heard ending title track from "The Intenrational" That was good imho, so I'm still confident
  6. I hope Adriatic Arena, the show I'm going to, is not too big... i wanna be in first row and I wanna see them, a few meters from me... not on top of giant towers or upside down pyramids... terrific ok, but I paid to see them, not their ego lol anyway guys... I wasn't pretty sure of myself to open a new thread so I ask here: is it confirmed that Muse will be playing in italy (torino and rome for sure?) If yes, I got to stay connected every second in order to get the ticket lol
  7. Showbiz: falling down Origin:Megalomania Absolution:The small print Black holes:nope The resistance:nope
  8. On facebook I'm reading rumors that they will be in Milan... wtf??? I just wanna know where I need to be in order to listen to them, and when.. T_T
  9. what do you guys mean by central europe? XD btw what is the website on which I can watch em?
  10. Guys I don't wanna search all the 11 pages, could someone please tell the time and the website on which I can see the air?
  11. It's disappeared in several pitches... but appearently I do have it in music lol
  12. I can't understand how a music genius like Matt could do something bad solo... But afterall it's opinions A soundtrack for a film would be great... Alex turner did well with submarine
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