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  1. Probably true, especially since he doesn't seem to have a backup for it (although it could be in another rack)


    Also, speaking of that, did you notice the 5 string bass in the background at webster hall? Assassin might have been possible, considering it was (supposedly) done by request at the LA gig


    Hard to say, but I would suspect it was there. I highly doubt they are taking much gear in and out on a regular basis.

  2. How was PVRIS?


    And yeah that's true. If you look closely though, he still has the 7 string with him...



    (at the very front)


    Yea, I don't think it means anything really though, just his touring rig. I don't think he'd say you know, I don't think I'll play CE this tour so just leave that guitar here. He probably just grabs the gear and hits the road.


    I got real excited when I saw the guitar tech holding the strat side stage getting ready for the next song because he had used it for some cool shit at Webster Hall. I then remember The Globalist and was disappointed.

  3. Nice. How close to the front were you?


    I'm not expecting anything special for saturday (who did you tweet for citizen erased last time?) but hoping there will be some variation on Monday at least.


    We were a couple people back. We didn't even really worry about it until after 30STM was done.



    For CE I tweeted pretty much everyone Muse related and I think I just got kind of lucky cause they were actually dropping some rarities during the tour unlike this one.

  4. How was it?


    And I don't mind as long as it's not cancelled completely. They're saying thunderstorms in the evening though.


    Show was actually really good.Dig Down works decently live although it is a little slow, made a cool opener though. The energy for the first half of the set was amazing, then a couple of slow songs killed that a bit.


    I felt like Muse was just on point. Everyone looked to really be enjoying the tour. Matts vocals were in really great shape too.


    Setlist was somewhat generic as per usual this tour, but I still really enjoyed the show overall.

  5. Anyone see Serj Tankian with Prophets of Rage doing Like a Stone in tribute to Chris? Don't particularly care for Serj's voice typically, but still a pretty cool thing to see.


    Just watched it. Serj has such a unique voice, it adds something really different to anything he sings that isn't his own. But IMO he did kill it.


    I always love this clip of him singing, the guys got some pipes!


  6. Guys, I have a quick question. Thinking about buying a multi-guitar rack to save space in my tiny apartment, something like this






    but I'm a bit concerned about resting the necks of the guitars on one side (neck twist and all that jazz). Do you guys have any experience with this kind of stand?


    I've used one of these for years, no problems. There isn't enough weight of the guitar leaning to cause any issues. This is pretty much how touring musicians travel with a lot of guitars, in a case like this.

  7. Looks like Royal Blood has the tour dates listed, though I'm not sure if more are coming. They're playing that same festival in NYC, but no show of their own, which I'm a bit surprised about.


    Ah crappy dates. The one festival isn't too far from me, but I hate festivals with a passion. I much prefer to go see a band I want to see and then go home. I don't enjoy that many hours of standing in the sun with thousands of drunk assholes.

  8. I couldn't get tickets for that one. They had me on that "first come first serve" list, but I heard only two or three people actually got in.


    My only regret is not waiting around after the WH show ended, because apparently if there's only one way for them to enter the venue, then there's only one way for them to leave afterwards... :facepalm: Didn't think of that. But I heard it was only around 12 people that actually waited, and I guess I was fortunate enough to be in that little group that met them earlier in the day. Actually really fortunate, because the venue shuffled everyone around not long before, and I wouldn't have been there otherwise.


    You think you'll see Royal Blood on their next tour?


    Yep I plan on seeing Royal Blood again if I have the opportunity. I also am eyeing the tour Gorillaz just announced!

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