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    none yet, but i definatly will be going next time muse comes to australia :)
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  1. In my excitement I for some reason said Brisbane instead of Melbourne 😂. One of Muses sound engineers tweeted a cryptic message about Eternally Missed the day of the Melbourne show, but it obviously didnt happen.
  2. Im a little bit too excited that I found a fan who also from Newie on here. Im really regretting not getting tickets for Brisbane now, did you guys see the tweet by Marc Carolan hinting at Eternally Missed ?
  3. Can I still burn the HD version to a disc?
  4. Which one should I download peoples? I'm am not very tech-savvy hahaha. Wow this is embarrassing....
  5. Does anybody know if the big fan signed banner that was taken to all the austrlian gigs ever got to the boys? I haven't heard anything about it?
  6. Yeah I no what you mean I didn't even notice the switching of matt standing and crouching, so I think its fine to keep that in there
  7. Why are you cutting feeling good? I think it is really good. And also I agree with bumpypotato about survival, I think the switching from floor to seats angles looks awesome, it's just that it switches footage to much for such a small amount of time, if you no what I mean .
  8. I don't no if it's to late now for you to use now, but I have quiet a bit of footage from the Sydney gig. It is not on YouTube, but I am willing to send it to you if you like. I took most of it from the barrier infront of the catwalk, but isolated system and supremacy was filmed from seats directly infront of the stage by my dad. A lot of it is in portrait (don't shoot me haha) but most of its still pretty good footage. Here is a list of the footage I have: - FULL Isolated system and supremacy (landscape from good seats) -Butterflies and hurricanes most of piano part - butterflies and hurricanes piano ending -man with a harmonica and matt spinning the amp - chorus of knights of Cydonia with lyrics on pyramid -random bit of the start of madness -the rest of madness from the solo onwards - little bit of random riff before TIRO - tiny piece of the start of TIRO - piece of the middle of TIRO - outro of TIRO (landscape) - FULL plug in baby (landscape) - FULL unsustainable (landscape) If you want any of it would probably be best form me just to send the whole lot to so you can pick and choose what you like
  9. Thank you for the link Zomuse . Also, I'm assuming 'making the tour multicam' is some kind of compilation of footage (I probably sound weird for not knowing what it is haha)? And if so is there any possible chance of seeing that tour multicam once your finished? It sounds quiet good. And yep, I honestly think the gig being over is 'affecting' me. Seriously, if I think about it enough, I almost breakdown into tears. The album was released on my birthday, and after that it was just a massive countdown until muse (even though I guess you could say I've been counting down the days since like early 2011 when I really became a muser haha). But yeah, all that build up and now it's over . And not just the gig but everything, which seems to be making it worse. Ahh I don't know what to do with my life, it's like everything musey has just disappeared of the face of the planet. But anyway, It was definitely the best night of my life. It was my first concert ever and I could honestly not ask for anything more. I am a 15 year-old 5 foot nothing girl concert noob but I was still lucky enough to get barrier and a pick. I can't even explain how grateful and lucky I was to have such a great experience with an amazing band,fans and atmosphere as my first concert. I was a little scared a first considering I had never been at a concert, let alone in a mosh pit, but once I was there it was amazing. Jumping, singing, clapping and just being maniacs. This gig just cemented my love for Muse, and I can wait for prospective gigs to come. MUSE AND THEIR FANS ARE THE BEST MOTHERFUCKING PEOPLE ON THE PLANET! Enough said. I guess we now just have to wait for the next album, and then start this roller coaster of feels all over again hahah. (Wow the muse emotions took over, I nearly just wrote a novel. Sorry for the long post guys :/)
  10. Thank you for that! And was the gig recored?!?!? Where can i find it, I didn't think it was?! Anyway, who else is feeling slightly depressed and lost now that our gig and the whole T2L era is over and in the past? The post gig depression is still strong....
  11. Hi may I please keep matts little sing of what does the fox say, his 'SANTA CLAUS IS COMING, COME ON!' and possibly his alteration of undisclosed desires lyrics to "please me, fuck me how it's done" all from the last Sydney gig? Thanks
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