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  1. That's okay! I'm sorry too! I've been really well! This past semester was so great. Belgium was amazing, and I got to travel to a bunch of other countries. How have you been?


    They loved Vancouver! My friend really wants to move their one day. It is by far his favorite city that he's ever been to. He likes all of the Pacific Northwest area, but especially Vancouver. I'll have to ask if they went there! It went well! It was a good experience and I really liked the people that I worked with.


    Glad to hear it got retired! Good for him.

    How did the season end up going? I remember hearing about the Grey Cup and I don't think I heard that Vancouver was in it. Sorry about that!

    The Cardinals made it to the playoffs again this year but lost in the series before the World Series, to San Francisco (who beat us in 2012 as well). It was still a good season though, and they should be good next year too! They traded for one of the best right fielders in the game, Jason Heyward. I'm excited to see him play


    Belgium was so great! The classes we took were all about the EU and it was really interesting to learn about that. I made some good friends too, which was great. And traveled to 11 countries besides Belgium, which was so cool and interesting :happy:


    I've heard good things about Death Note! Do you watch Game of Thrones? Everyone tells me I would like it, and I'm sure I would, but I can't get myself to commit to it. There's a really good show I've been watching called The Blacklist. It's only been one season so far but I really like it. It's a crime show, but has sort of conspiracy theory undertones to it sort of. It's really good.

  2. I did! Hard to believe I am halfway done with college now!


    My good friend and his girlfriend are actually going up to Vancouver in August! Maybe you'll run into them at the bakery! Oh I have a quarter collection at home. That's awesome! My internship has been pretty good for the two weeks I've been here


    Well they are doing a little better! Still not in first place in their division but have seemed to pull it together a little. Oh that's too bad! He's the all-time leading receiver for the CFL, right?


    Yeah I am really excited! I leave for Belgium at the end of August


    Oh that makes sense. That would be really cool if they did a fifth season. What did you think of Breaking Bad? I really liked it. I loved Hank so much. That didn't work out too well :(

  3. Hi! It's been so long since I've been on here. I am sorry about that. Yes I've been done for a few weeks now. Things ended up going very well at the end of the semester. I got good grades on all of my exams and things were generally good


    I hope you enjoy working at the bakery again. Let me know if you meet anyone from St Louis again! :chuckle:. Oh good lukc with driving and bass! That would be really good. I'm going back to DC in a few days. I have an internship in the government relations department of the Red Cross. I'm really looking forward to it!


    I just went to a game tonight actually! Sadly they lost and are still not doing too well. They are 30-28. Not awful, but they were predicted to be the best team in the league so they need to step it up.


    I know!!! I can't wait! It should be a lot of fun. It's a program through my school. All the classes are about the EU and NATO. It will be really awesome


    I've heard really good things about Futurama! I didn't know they made movies of it though

  4. It's fine, I've been super busy too! School and my internship are taking up so much of my time, but at least I am enjoying it. I finished my last midterm on Thursday. Now I just have papers and finals left. Isn't that the worst, when you think you're taking an easy class and it ends up being way more work than you expected. I hope your finals are going well! It's so great that summer starts for you so soon! What are you going to be doing?


    It's going alright! We are 6-5. Still 151 won games left, so it's hard to make any judgements. A couple of our players are not hitting the ball at all, but for the most part it's going well. The Cardinals are going to be in DC next weekend so I'm going to the game!


    Yeah, break was great. Kinda bums me out that I won't be home for all of summer, but it'll be fin to be in DC too. OH! Did I tell you that next semester I'll be studying abroad in Belgium? :awesome: I am so excited!


    Right now, I am watching the animated Star Wars: the Clone Wars show. It's a kids show, but I really like it :$

  5. I've still got about a month of school left. I think it's four weeks of classes and then a week of final exams. I still have midterms left...which is annoying. But things are going okay so far. How is your semester going? Classes interesting?


    The Cardinals first game of the season is tomorrow! Things look good so far. No major injuries *knock on wood* and the new players we traded for are looking pretty good. Exactly! I hope the Cardinals can break the trend this year. Speaking of sports, I don't know if you saw, but my college (American University) made March Madness! We lost in the first round, but it was still cool to get to watch them.


    It snowed today even! It's been a ridiculous winter. not that I am complaining though; I love snow so much. Spring break was fun! I just went home and hung out with my family for a week. It was a good time though


    How are you liking House of Cards? I really enjoyed it but I never know who to root for. I liked Peter Russo but that didn't turn out so well... :chuckle:


    That's really cool! I'm glad you were able to find them!

  6. Things have just gotten busier! I am doing pretty well, but I can't think of a time I have been this busy. And it's only going to get worse as the semester goes on, with final papers and such. My classes are mostly still interesting though, so that's good


    They are slowly but surely getting better. I though they would make a big improvement this year but didn't. Oh well, onto baseball season now! All the predictions have the Cardinals as the best team in baseball. Which is great, but also makes me nervous because the team that is predicted to be the best never finishes the best.


    Spring break is in two weeks! I need it very badly. Though much of it is going to be spent doing homework of course. We've had two more snow days also; it has snowed way more than average so far.


    After I finished Breaking Bad I started House of Cards. Literally everyone here watches it, because everyone loves politics and stuff.


    That's so cool! What an awesome thing they did! Were you able to find them? I hope so!

  7. You're welcome! :happy:


    It's been really busy for me too. My internship is taking up a lot of time. I was considering dropping a course too but I have to take 30 credits over the course of the year to continue to be eligible for my merit aid so I don't really have a choice. I wish I could though. You probably made the right decision it sounds like!


    I'm optimistic for next season! But then again, I've been optimistic for the last few years to no avail! We have two first round picks this year in the draft because of a trade we made a couple years ago, so that's pretty exciting!


    I miss winter break too! I'm happy to be back in DC and see my friends here, but I miss not having to worry about anything. Miss being to stay up all night and wake up at noon. It's also super cold here. It was cold at home too though. Snowed 5 or 6 inches Monday night and we got school of Tuesday! And we already had Monday off for Martin Luther King Day, so we had a four day weekend :awesome:


    So in the midst of all that, I started Breaking Bad :LOL:. So X Files and Doctor Who are on hold for now. I'm flying through Breaking Bad though, it's so good!

  8. Merry Christmas to you too! And happy New Year!


    I hope the trend does continue next year! Glad to hear the Lions at least played tough. The Rams finished the year 7-9. It was a really weird season, because they beat a lot of good teams (including the Colts and Saints, who are both going to the playoffs) but lost to some bad teams. Their starting quarterback was hurt for most of the season, which is a big reason why they weren't better.


    Are you having a good winter break? When do you start school again. I just got back from skiing in Utah with my family.


    I'm actually now watching X-Files after I finished Parks and Rec. Also I should probably watch Doctor Who. I've seen some episodes of that.

    That's awesome!

  9. The Cardinals have made some pretty big offseason moves (including trading the hometown hero from the 2011 World Series) but overall I think they have done the right things since the season ended. How did it go? I saw somewhere that the Lions weren't in the Cup, but I could have been wrong.


    Almost done with all my exams! Got one more tomorrow. Had two yesterday and two papers. The two that were yesterday were supposed to be Tuesday, but there was a snowstorm and school got cancelled. Yesterday right when my economics final was about to start there was a lockdown on campus because of reports of a gunman. Turns out it was a false alarm (off-duty cop actually :chuckle:) but they had police and helicopters and the whole nine yards and everything was shut down for nearly two hours. Needless to say my professor changed up the exam and made it super easy :LOL:. Thanksgiving was great, and I'm going home for Christmas Break on Saturday! Seeing The Hobbit on Friday with my friends and I can't wait! Then when I get home I'm going to a Rams game with my dad.


    It seems they've mostly sorted out the ACA (Obamacare) and it's back on track. The House just tonight passed a bipartisan budget bill, which is actually a huge step forward. Doesn't address all of our problems, but is better than governing from crisis to crisis. Ah yeah, Stephen Harper if I'm not mistaken?


    A bunch of people have told me to watch Supernatural, maybe I should! Currently watching Parks and Rec on Netflix.

  10. So the playoffs ended a few days ago. The Cardinals lost the World Series 4 games to 2 to the Boston Red Sox. It was rough. I was pretty sad the day after they lost the last game. Overall the Cardinals had a great season and are in a good position for next year, but it was tough to watch them get so close and not make it. And now I just can't wait for baseball to start up again! How are the Lions doing? The Grey Cup should be soon, right?


    They've gone pretty well! So far I am doing well in my classes, but I've got a few more tests this upcoming week. Looking forward to Thanksgiving Break in about four weeks! Only six weeks left in the semester!


    Now we've got the botched Affordable Care Act rollout to deal with. I'm generally a supporter of the President and it's a shame to see his signature achievement fail so tremendously. Hopefully they can get it together


    That's awesome!! I should know this, but what is the carving from? How was Thanksgiving?


    On an unrelated note, have you listened to any songs by Lorde? Because I am super into her music. Haven't liked an artist this much since Muse!

  11. First Cardinals playoff game is tomorrow! They ended up winning the division, so they didn't have to play the single-elimination wild card game. The Pittsburgh Pirates won that game and will play the Cardinals in a best of five series!


    I've had two midterms already, can't believe it's already October! How have your midterms gone?

    Yeah, the guitar is really great, and it was even better live I think. Really heavy sounding during the main riff, and very sharp during the solo.

    Six! :awesome:. I think I've got four. Two in my dorm and two in my room at home!


    In other political news, the US government is currently in a shutdown! Really showing the flaws in our system. As the world's oldest democracy, frankly it's kind of embarrassing :noey:

  12. Nope, always been a part of Missouri! I'm pretty sure the name comes from the name of the company that founded the city. There is also a Kansas City, Kansas, though. It's right across the border and is much smaller :chuckle:. More than you ever wanted to know about about Kansas :LOL:. We're tied with Pittsburgh now with 16 games left!


    Yeah, it's going really well so far! Enjoying it a lot.

    I know that feeling exactly! It's been a lot tougher than I remember it being last year. Doing okay though so far. Hard to believe it's been three weeks already though!

    Concert was amazing, of course!!!! They played Unnatural Selection and it was my first time hearing that live. It is absolutely spectacular live. The guitar is hard to describe.


    I feel much the same way. I think President Obama made a mistake by saying using chemical weapons would be a "red line" and then ask Congress to authorize military force, instead of just doing it himself. I think it hurts the international credibility of the US. Although, no one here wants any military action. But we can't back off at this point, I don't think.

  13. Yeah, even people not from the area think that Kansas City is in Kansas. Like most of my friends from college we're really confused when I said Missouri had two baseball teams and Kansas had none :chuckle: Our final two games against Pittsburgh are this weekend. We're currently 0.5 games behind them with about 20 games left in the season total. Really getting down to the end!


    Yeah I am! Most of what it is is planning field trips/guest speakers for the students. So like one day we're going to the Supreme Court to see the arguments, which I'm really excited for since I think the Supreme Court is the most interesting part of the US government.


    Oh, how was your first week then?

    Less than one week now! I can't wait! I saw they pulled out Neutron Star Collision and Unnatural Selection at their most recent concert; I wonder if they will have anything new for our concert!


    Totally random, but, if you don't mind me asking, what do you think should be done about Syria?

  14. I suppose so! We do have some pretty interesting history down here


    Good for you guys! That's great to hear. Every once and awhile someone will mention the CFL and I'll say, oh I like the Lions! and then everyone else will get confused since they don't know the CFL :chuckle:. We are still hanging in it! Won 2 of 3 in our most recent series against Pittsburgh, and both of those wins were walk-offs, which was awesome! My mom and I were at the third game (which lasted 12 innings) and the Cardinals won, so that was super fun!


    That's great to hear! I got asked to be a TA as well, for an intro to politics in the US class!

    Thank you so much! I very well might take you up on that offer!

    I go back on Thursday and classes start on Monday. Oh also I finally bought my tickets for the Muse concert in September! My roommate and I are going. I can't believe this will be my fifth time seeing them!

  15. Okay! I know more about Canada than I thought! You all were much more peaceful and patient than us :chuckle:


    Still going well? That's a great start! I know what you mean, the Cardinals have been playing so well (though not so much in the last two weeks) but Cincinnati and Pittsburgh have been right there the whole time. So that big series with Pittsburgh I mentioned earlier did not go well. They won 4 out of 5 :noey:. We are currently three games behind Pittsburgh now. Somewhat lost our mojo. There's still a lot left in the season though!!


    I did the same thing! Though I was talking about their songs being in the movie even before it started, so everyone was well aware :chuckle:


    It was a great trip! Got to see my dad's family and a baseball game (the New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies) and did lots of other fun styff.

    That sounds like an interesting mix of classes! :LOL:. I'm taking some more economics classes, since I've decided to double major. Also taking physics for a general education requirement, which I am not looking forward to. I'm taking a class called Individual Freedom versus Authority for my political science major, which I'm very excited for! Should be a good year, I can't wait to get back to school!

  16. Thanks! :happy:


    Oh, okay. Thank you for clearing that up. I'm correcting in saying Canada didn't achieve complete independence until something like thirty or forty years ago, right?


    How are the Lions doing now? The Cardinals are 62-37, best record in baseball. Have a 2.5 game lead over the second place team. They've got a big series with that team (the Pittsburgh Pirates) coming up in a few days. The playoffs start in early October. It's a long season! :chuckle:


    You're right, now that I think about it the ending was pretty abrupt. I still liked it though. And yeah, getting to hear Muse was great! It took me awhile to realize that there was an instrumental of Follow Me playing during the credits.


    I'm looking forward to school too! Right now I am in New York with my family, visiting my dad's family (since he grew up here) and looking at colleges for my sister. Are there any classes you're taking that you're particularly excited about?

  17. Happy Canada Day! Forgive my American-ness, is this Canada's independence day?


    How's football season going so far? Cardinals have the second best record in baseball, but unfortunately the team with the best record in also in their division, so the Cards are in second place. We've sort of struggled over the past two weeks. 2-6 in our last 8 :noey:


    Did you end up seeing World War Z? I saw it and really liked it. The book is probably one of my favorite books, and even though the movie isn't really anything like the book, I still really enjoyed it.


    Jamaica was awesome! The coolest thing we did was an ATV tour of the Jamaican countryside. We drove through the jungle and through a bunch of tiny villages in the hills; it was really amazing. We also went ziplining, which was a ton of fun. How has your summer been going?

  18. I know! Did you see the setlist for the first UK show? Sunburn, Dead Star, and Bliss! That's just crazy!


    The Cards are right now 0.5 games up on the Reds for first place. The Reds have been playing amazing baseball over the past few weeks as well, so we haven't gained any ground on them, which is unfortunate. Well, good thing football starts pretty soon for you, then!


    I loved it! I've watched it a ton of times! What did you think of it? Also what do you think about Muse being in World War Z?


    Heading off to Jamaica tomorrow for vacation! :awesome:

  19. I haven't decided if I'll do seats or floor tickets. I'd really like to do floor, but I don't know if my friends would be willing to wait in line as long as I would so I might end up doing seats for their sake :chuckle:


    Yeah, it's a better sign for the team if they lose because of bad luck and not because of getting out-played. They're up to 28-16 now :awesome:. Yeah, our hockey team, the Blues, got eliminated in the first round, so I paid attention to hockey for all of about one week :LOL:


    It all went well! I'm happy with the grades I've gotten back so far. All in all was a pretty successful freshman year

    That's awesome!


    I hope you do!

  20. I'm so excited! But I was an idiot and didn't get tickets during presale because I didn't know if any of my friends would want to go or not :facepalm: and now they are super expensive! Oh well, it's worth it!


    17-11 now! First place in the division :awesome:. Should be even better, if not for some hard-luck losses. Not complaining though

    That's soon! What's the outlook for the season? The NFL draft was last weekend, and I think the Rams got some pretty solid players


    That's weird! Well, I'm done on Tuesday! :D. I have two more exams and two more papers, one that I'm completely done with, one that I haven't started :shifty: and then I'll be headed home for the summer!

    That's great! :happy:. Do you think he'll go there?


    It's not a problem! I understand! This week has been quite busy. I've gotten one grade back so far, and I'm happy. And the final I took today went pretty well too, I think. Oh cool, have fun at the bakery! Tell me if you meet any St. Louis people again! :chuckle:. Have fun!

  21. THEY'RE COMING TO DC! September!!! :awesome::D. Such good news. I can't believe how lucky I've been with where they've been touring! (Playing in St. Louis during break and in DC during school)


    Improved to 5-4 now! Some of our backup players are stepping up, which is good to see. It'll be interest what happens to them once the injured players return.

    Oh that's awesome! I hope they make it! When does football start for you all? It's sometime during the summer, right?


    It starts in mid-late August. I think next school year it starts on the 25 or 26.


    Saturday exams! That's no good :noey:. I'm sure you'll do great! :happy:. Is that going to be your hardest exam?

    What are your plans for the summer? Any vacations?

  22. That was amazing! I was with my sister at that concert and she had no idea why I was freaking out so much when they started playing Citizen Erased :chuckle:. Yes I imagine barrier is very painful! And quite tiring! Also apparently at the Atlanta gig they announced another US leg of the tour in September! :awesome:


    Yes they have pretty good back up players. Season just started, they are 2-3. Seeing as there are 162 games I'm not too worried :LOL:


    Oh wow! I've got about three more weeks of classes then exams. I've been doing pretty well, thanks! Going to have a lot of homework and projects to do for the next month but I'm pretty good besides that. How are your exams going to be?

  23. I hope I get floor next time I see them. Lollapalooza was so cool, jumping around to all the songs and stuff. Plus you feel more apart of the crowd. Like when they played Citizen Erased and everyone started freaking out


    I know, I'm not really sure why they wouldn't play here, it seems like a place Matt would want to play at, what with all the conspiracy theories and such :chuckle:. I hope so too!


    Thank you! Oh man the Cardinals keep getting more and more injuries before the season has even started :noey:. Their starting short stop, one of their starting pitchers, and now their closer have all gotten injured. I still have faith though!

  24. Oh well lucky you then! I imagine it must have been somewhat similar to the floor at a Muse gig :LOL:.


    Yeah, it's really unique!


    I don't think they came to DC on The Resistance Tour, so there's a good chance they might not come on this tour either. But if they come to Kansas City while I'm in St. Louis, I might make the trip to see them! :chuckle:. Kansas City is actually a shorter drive than the one to Tulsa, so that would not be a bad option! Yeah, Isolated System! I was not expecting it! I was thinking that maybe they'd follow it with Uprising. I think Uprising works better as an opener than Supremacy, but perhaps that's just me


    Sadly yes :(. But I'll be home for summer break very soon! Yep, first game is April 1st I believe :awesome:

  25. That's awesome that out of all those people you got to ask a question!


    It's actually a comedy/drama but about doctors. It's mostly comedy but there are some parts that are really emotional and stuff. It's interesting because it's sort of narrated by the main character, meaning that the audience hears his thoughts. Oh okay! :chuckle:


    I know! Hopefully the Cardinals beat the Reds though so at least I'll have that to hold onto!


    It was awesome! Yeah, it would have been crazy if I had run into them or something! If only...:chuckle:. Matt had one picture from the Arch! I know it's so long to wait for the next tour! But that's alright. Maybe they'll do a second leg of the North American tour and they'll be in DC while I'm there

    In Tulsa they dropped Sunburn and added Animals. They also switched Isolated System and Unsustainable, so the show opened with IS. Besides that it was the same. Don't really mind though, at least they switched it up a little. Yes I love that bit!


    Great to hear you're doing well! My spring break ends Monday, so I'm going back to DC Sunday. Then I've got one more midterm I believe on Wednesday. School ends for me in early May, so about seven or so weeks left. Really looking forward to the start of baseball season!

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